Artist Profile

Doo-Rite Robot Sculptures

Medium: Sculptures

Description:  Giving new life to discarded or forgotten objects creating a robot sculpture

I can trace my creative nature back to my Grandfather. As a child I watched him make anything he needed utilizing whatever materials he had on hand. I also credit him with the notion that the right tool can encourage the passion and make the final result better. While spending sunny afternoons in his backyard I would learn to take apart things and I had an endless supply of items to dismantle. I have an early memory of sneaking tools out of his workshop in my mission to open up a typewriter to later use the parts and pieces to make something or another. The typewriter and so many other items were available from the back of the red pick-up truck of the junk-man that lived across the street. I had a knack for repurposing what was considered junk and making something useful. Now when looking through my stash of recycled parts and pieces I select the head, the body etc. and excitingly a project begins to take place. So this passion of mine to create robotic sculptures or Doo-Bots as I call them is really a passion that allows me to reminisce and relive the childhood days that have swiftly passed.

Tour Location: Arbor Arts Center



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