Artist Profile

Evening Waters Pottery

Medium: Ceramics

Description:  Beautiful colorful dinnerware and serveware for casual and special occasions.

7/27/16 Artist Statement I see myself as a sculptor of abstract form and design, as much as a potter of wheel thrown pieces for table and home. I am a creator and conceiver, of thoughts and emotions. I equally enjoy the elements of the unknown, pushing the limits of the clay in sculpture, as well as basic thrown forms that create and define our everyday life. I have worked for 8 years as a ceramic artist. When I’m throwing on the wheel, I’m always thinking in my minds eye about the next sculpture I’ll be working on. And the opposite holds true as well. When I’m sculpting a form, my thoughts go to ideas for sets of dinner plates, or sets of bowls. The interplay of this regulation of thought and sight is what truly captivates me these days. Beyond the back and forth of sculpture and wheel work, running through this “creative composition,” of both levels, I’m finding new insights, variations on themes, and even resemblance's, in the work. The end result is that the clay and my spirit find origination into a creative and aesthetic energy stream that is constantly running through my studio. In all the projects I do I try and hold onto the greatness of the material. The clay itself, its texture and weight, are always central, and at the heart of my work. I feel a very personal and intuitive interaction when my hands work with this earthly medium of clay.

Tour Location: 30 Arbor Street 2nd Floor #201D


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