Artist Profile

Margaret Gammell

Medium: Charcoal,colored pencil, ink

Description:  Colorful mixed media drawings of a figurative style

Margaret Gammell Artists Statement Over the past couple of years I have followed pretty traditional art school topics, self portrait, still life and experimenting with drawing techniques. I enjoy drawing a pattern or texture that catches my eye like the bark of a tree or knitted fabric. I find myself focusing in on nature and the patterns produced in the natural word. I enjoy experimenting with representations in self portraits, such as blind contour drawing and detailed realistic portraits in various materials. I'm not sure what it's all about but I enjoy learning the craft of drawing and all it's different techniques and sometimes a theme appears such as feathers and horses. A medium does not exist that I do not like. So most of my drawings are mixed media. I make backgrounds to draw on by splashing paint around or collaging paper scraps onto a page and then stencil gesso on. All this adds to the texture created and disrupts the drawn line. I often use graphite, charcoal, ink, colored pencil and markers in one drawing. I want an audience to respond with the same enthusiasm I had when I prepared for the drawing and see the little details I saw and brought into focus. I often take my own photographs of nature. Patterns in plants, shadows in trees and close ups of textures help me draw. I have many influences who I respond to as a jumping off point. The work of Jim Dine has helped me stop being afraid of starting a drawing because I can use the eraser as a drawing tool to manipulate mark making on a page. The intricate work of Albrect Durer has slowed down my line work in to smaller parts for realistic rendering. I like the chaos of gestural drawing done by Sun Xun and William Kentridge in charcoal. Greg Crayola Simkins compositions fascinate me and the scale of Connor Harrington murals make me want to go really big. I hope to bring little bits of each influence to a drawing and make each drawing better than the last one. Email Website: Please follow me on Instagram at maggiemadeit

Tour Location: ArtSpace 4th Floor


Website: Maggiemakesart

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