Artist Profile

Janet Galasso Design

Medium: Photography, Digital Art and Design, Mixed Media

Description:  Travel/Adventure Photography, Digital Art, Design and Mixed Media

Janet Galasso is a Berlin, CT Artist by way of Oakville/Waterbury, CT. I spend my days working as an art educator at Berlin High School and on nights and weekends, trying new things in my own personal studio. I love to experiment because it gives me new ideas to bring back to the classroom! Being an art educator allows me to become a jack of all trades, which I really enjoy. Sometimes artists like to specialize but I thrive on being a modern renaissance woman! I'm in my 12th year as a high school art educator and enjoy that my job is all about giving students space in their day to create, explore and express themselves. In my studio I focus on Digital Art and Design, Mixed Media and Photography. I'll be sharing my travel/adventure photography at Hartford Open Studios this season with an array of smaller works in other media. I have a website: and you can follow my Art adventures on social media: Facebook: JanetGalassoDesign Instagram: janetgalassodesign Twitter: JGalassoDesign

Tour Location: Colt Gateway



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