Artist Profile

Jennifer Jacobs / Bad Bunny

Medium: Oils

Description:  Oil paintings involving portraiture, anatomy and nature

Jennifer Jacobs is a fine artist and fashion designer. Growing up, she was fascinated by the human figure, drawing and studying the body and emotion from a young age. It became an outlet for every expression in her life. Perhaps not coincidentally, oil paints were also her mother's favorite medium. She grew up surrounded by the smells of turpentine and oils and has always found it strangely comforting. Her recent art work focuses on a unique form of portraiture, involving anatomy, intricate patterns, and a keen sense of color. She seeks to convey not only the human body physically but the human experience spiritually, only hinting at the depth that lies behind the person, thus inspiring the spectator to make up their story.

Tour Location: ArtSpace 2nd floor #201


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