Artist Profile

Robert Wilgoski: Artist in Emotionalism

Medium: Oil on canvas, watercolor and poetry

Description:  Oil on canvas, watercolor and poetry depicts my imagination, interpretation and emotions

Robert Wilgoski was born in Hartford, CT in 1952. He began painting as a young boy. In spite of numerous accolades and praise he received as a talented young artist, Robert became increasingly frustrated with his inability to read. This challenge was especially difficult in large part due to the learning disability Dyslexia. At this point, the American education system was inadequate to help him. In his overwhelming obsession and profound passion to learn how to read, Robert found art as a distraction from the realities of his disability. Over his lifetime, Robert has produced countless works across a multitude of mediums, including oil and watercolor paintings, pen and ink drawings, and linoleum printmaking. He is also a poet and a writer, specializing in works written in phonetic english. His art depicts the emotions that he felt over the years, including not being able to live what many take for granted as a normal life. This includes an inability to hold down a steady job, take care of himself and family, or have fulfilling social relationships. Robert's life story is a human story. It is one of faith in self, hope, persistence, and ultimate perseverance in the face of hopelessness. Robert's story us one that everyone will appreciate. Robert says about when he finally learned to read: "It feels like the dawn of a new day, one where I feel profoundly hopeful, and alive". Robert has a loving wife of twenty four years, Barbara, and a twenty three year old son Samuel. They reside in Hartford's West End.

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