Artist Profile

Kelly Taylor

Medium: Mixed media

Description:  Abstract landscape, both natural and manmade, using mixed media techniques

Authentic, raw, energetic, and spiritual are words that viewers have used to describe my work. Although I start my work consciously, with composition, color, and visual elements in mind, as the art evolves, I shift into working intuitively, and am often surprised and excited with the outcome. The element of the unexpected in my art is what viewers have been attracted to, and is definitely an inspiration for me in creating art. Acrylic paints, gels and mediums, photographs, markers, colored pencils, and collage materials are used to interpret my artistic vision. Some of my recent work combines photographs with acrylic molding pastes and paints to create abstract landscapes. I am interested in the manipulation of photographic images through a variety of photo transfer processes, and use them as a layer in my work. Some layers may be transparent, allowing the history of the piece to show through while some layers may remain buried. I find that as my work unfolds, these layers develop a history that informs the piece. I believe that through the creative processes of making art, we can find an outlet for expression that is healing and energizing. My goal is not to necessarily give the viewer a pretty picture, but to create art in which the viewer will want to take time to travel through the work, feel intrigued, and find satisfaction in the journey.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway



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