Artist Profile

3 Pour Artists-Allyson Coughlan

Medium: Mixed Media

Description:  Colorful mixed media paintings inspired by travel, love and life!

Brief Statement: I have always been fascinated by art and awed by artists. I've collected for years and my home is an inviting gallery space where guests are always eager to see what's new. Late in life, I met an artist that urged me to explore my own creativity. She asserted that it's never too late to see what's inside you. Intimidated at first, and challenged still, it has been a wonderful journey. I've met and learned from many artists, and have discovered an amazing community! I've felt supported and inspired, and have made some friends along the way. Art connects. I love texture, and no material is safe! Layer upon layer, I love using my new products and paints - it's endless. I hope you enjoy these mixed media pieces as much as I enjoy creating them.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway


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