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Watermark Press

Medium: Printmaking, painting, book arts

Description:  Original hand-pulled prints, paintings, artist books, workshops and lessons

Martha Jeffrey Galuszka Watermark Press 30 Arbor Street, Hartford, CT 06106 • 860-930-5491;; Although you will never find me far from paper, pencils and paint, my primary media is printmaking because I like working with the tools, mixing inks, choosing the right paper, and the magic of pulling that first image off the press. The quality and nature of the printed surface is simply unique. I mostly make monotypes, intaglio/monotype combinations, and an occasional relief. I specialize in water based semi-transparent inks so I can build complex colors through multi-layering and the creation of fictive textures. My image development is an organic process inspired by rocks, stone, and bits of either natural or man-made landscape, with an occasional life form added, which often depicts a metaphor or myth. For me rocks represent the genesis of the universe in minute detail. I focus on the elemental uniqueness of these simple solid forms by layering many colors and combining textures to build the final image. Printmaking uses the elements that come from the earth: slabs of limestone, copper and zinc, as well as powdered gems and minerals in the inks. These materials are a constant reminder that my art is connected to the spirit of the earth. My current work traces geology, the moon and the sun, water, referencing specific locations as well as native history, myths and mystical places. In addition to my free-running imagination everything I experience in the day-to-day impacts my work, including descriptive phrases from prose, poetry and other sources of visual language that I can build upon. I’m continually seeking the “aesthetic moment”, which is that instant that forges a connection between an image and a viewer.

Tour Location: 30 Arbor Street 2nd floor #205



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