Artist Profile

Silver Thumb Studio

Medium: Vintage jewelry and Polymer

Description:  Vintage findings and stones used for OOAK designs, everyday wear and Polymer

My work is a reflection of experiences. I believe that each opportunity leads to another experience that in turn creates another opportunity for learning. The simple elegance in images around me has left its biggest mark. Color, shape, and texture found in skunk cabbage as it first emerges out of the ground, the exquisite hues and patterns that wind around a slab of crazy lace agate. These are the things stay with me and incubate until it all bubbles out in my work. Helen Wyland - Malchow owns Silver Thumb Studio and lives in Ashford, CT. Her work has been featured in books and is currently working on several how-to articles for a variety popular jewelry making magazines. Her work has received Nation and International awards as well as Best in Shows.

Tour Location: ArtSpace 1st Floor



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