Artist Profile

Ben Parker

Medium: Origami

Description:  Sheets of paper creating geometric origami forms

Origami is a fascinating discipline. To its practitioners, it presents an unparalleled challenge to the mind and body, and the knowledge that can be unlocked by pushing the limits of what is possible with a single sheet of paper never ceases to amaze. The study is ancient, yet we are beginning to unveil its full potential. It involves the manipulation of paper, among the humblest of materials, yet it sheds light on questions that flow through fundamental branches of human study such as mathematics, physics, pedagogy, art, and meditation. It is an art that in its purest state neither adds nor subtracts material, but alters it in an almost alchemical process. It has international and intergenerational appeal, is accessible to all willing to put effort into its practice, and is represented by organizations that consistently promote the philosophy of communal advancement. My work is just beginning. I have used this art to become a proficient educator, writer, curator, mathematician, photographer, organizer, and entrepreneur. While none of these were my intended vocation, I have had to adapt to be successful at my craft. It has shaped who I am, my direction in life, and my relationships. It will be fascinating to see what comes of this practice in the years to come.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway



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