Artist Profile

Paskov Pottery

Medium: Ceramics

Description:  Hand made, functional and decorative ceramics

The Essence of my art deals with the idea of growth and development, using organic free flow textures. I am fascinated by the process of how an organism can change over time. This can include wear and tear, as well as new development. I am intrigued in life by the beauty of the environment and its ability to create natural patterns with an overlapping repetitive quality. I strive in my work to highlight such impressions in surface design as well as form. I also value the art of function, to create an object that can be used in everyday life, that fits a need while also being aesthetically pleasing. The utilitarian side of clay has always been the main reason I fell I love with it. I relish the fact that as an artist I can make something that can be more than just something to look at. In terms of my more conceptual work, it does go hand in hand with the idea of texture and repetition as well as development. However it focuses more on the darker side of growth, and speaks on how sometimes time can take its toll. Things in life are not always flowers and rainbows, and there can be beauty in the hardship. There is an intricate quality to faults and imperfections that I am considering as I move forward with my work.

Tour Location: ArtSpace 1st Floor



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