Artist Profile

Nick Frasco

Medium: Oil, watercolor, graphite, gouache

Description:  Imaginative, surrealist, psychedelic and dreamlike paintings

I love to draw or paint while listening to music. I believe they go together hand in hand. Depending on the type of music im listening to,(when I’m making up something from my imagination) it effects the outcome of the piece. The “darker music” gives my drawings a more sinister edge. Psychedelic music would guide my mind towards the more “Dream like” and whimsical side of my personality. I like to combine them to make, what I like to call “Hallucinogenic Nightmares”. Accurately replicating something you envision in your subconscious, and make it as close to that vision on canvass, is my ultimate goal as a Surrealist. Nick Frasco

Tour Location: Colt Gateway


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