Artist Profile

K&H Leatherworks

Medium: Leather

Description:  Handmade and hand-stitched leather goods - wallets, bags and belts

I began K&H Leatherworks in 2017 in the small town of Simsbury, Connecticut. I am the owner of K&H Leatherworks and also the maker of all of the products that I sell. Everything I make is 100% handmade and handstitched. I make an effort to stock my store with as many goods as I can find the time to make - but I also really enjoy making custom items! K&H Leatherworks was named after my pets Koda & Hobbes. Koda is my Labradoodle. She has a limitless supply of energy and she keeps me active. She is always by my side and I bring her everywhere I possibly can. Hobbes is my Maine Coon Cat. He is a sweet boy who loves sitting on laps and being pet. He also has a wild side. Since K&H Leatherworks began I have had the good fortune of adopting a second cat, whose name is Calvin. He is an incredibly friendly and loving boy who gets along wonderfully with Hobbes. Almost every night Calvin & Hobbes play wrestle and chase each other - just like in the comics! Outside of doing leatherwork, I very much enjoy reading (or listening to audiobooks), taking Koda for hikes, and playing my instruments. I mostly play my guitar, but I also have recently begun playing violin and banjo. I currently work full-time as an Insurance Adjuster and I complete work on my leather projects outside of business hours and on my weekends. My goal is to continue to build up K&H Leatherworks so that someday I can call myself a full-time leatherworker

Tour Location: Connecticut Historical Society



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