Artist Profile

Shannon Gerrity Photography

Medium: Photography

Description:  Social photography that explores the decisive moment

I am preoccupied with the decisive moment. It’s the blink of reality where a gesture flicks, a light escapes a shadow, an expression emerges, and the magic of photographer, camera, and moment meet. It is the pairing of technical and meditative elixir, an image of an unstaged moment memorialized in time. None of my images are digital composites; they are as they were when they took me. My hope is to impart the extraordinary that I see in the ordinary, to capture moments of synchronicity, and to generate curiosity and thought about others. My process stems from an insatiable want to share what I see; to memorialize a moment of beauty and wonder. In knowing that these images are decisive moments, I hope you feel invited to pause and look closer, to wonder further, and to see these types of images all around you.

Tour Location: ArtSpace Hartford 2nd Floor


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