Artist Profile

Procreate Artist Group

Medium: Mixed Medium

Description:  Making mixed media art and inspiring creativity

Pro+Cre8 (Procreate) was founded in 2009 by La’Mora Hardy (Che’ La’Mora). By definition, procreate means to bring into being; to create. This name perfectly describes the artistic process, whether it refers to a poem, choreography, painting, photography or sculpture. Bringing vision into action is a unique process between artist and medium. It is a manifestation of thought that is accompanied by creation, bringing ideas into fruition. La'Mora’s vision of forming a group of Fine Artists displaying their work, while incorporating dance, spoken word, music and fashion within one showcase has come to life with Pro+Cre8. Procreate is a multi-culturally diverse group of artists. Our shows are geared towards reaching artists and art enthusiast as well as the community. We are passionate about connecting with society through our love for creativity and enjoy sharing our talent with others in hopes of building a stronger sense of unity.

Tour Location: 30 Arbor Street #211


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