Artist List

2016 Open Studio Artists




2nd Annual Hartford Artisan Showcase & Fine Crafts - Mixed
A Little Something Bakery - Cake and buttercream embellishing with fondant
A.Genesis Robles - Painting
Aaron Burleson - Photography
Ahimsa Health & Harmony - Vegan health & wellness
Alana Valdez - Watercolor, pen and ink
Alexa Fermeglia - Ink, Watercolor, Acrylic
Alexis Crowley - Printmaking and Mixed Media
Alissa Sylvain - Good JuJu Jewelry - Jewelry
Allen Freshler - Oil on canvas or board
Ally Does Art - Ceramics/drawing/painting
Amy LaBossiere - Mixed
Andres Montiel - Acrylic, watercolor
Andrew Jeruss - Collage and Mixed Media
Angela Cipriano - Ceramics
Angela P. Shenk - Watercolor
Angela Rocio - Oil Paint
Arbor Street Potters - Clay
Art by Beth Pite - Pastel paintings, limited edition prints,notecards
Art By Chris Brown - Oil
Art by JaimeLee De La Diamantis - Pencil, ink, markers and at times, acrylic paint
Art by Sarah Bach - Ceramics and jewelry
Art By Wright - Acrylic
Art Connection Studio - Painting, mixed media, fiber arts, jewelry
Arthur Backstrom - Traditional film photography
Arts be Lin - Acrylics
Artwork by Cylus Anthony - Sketch pencils, copic sketch markers & multiliners
ArtWorks by Zofia - Watercolors, ink, charcoal
Ashrita - Acrylics and oils
Avis Cherichetti - Ceramic
B.Rossitto - Oil, watercolor
Barbara Hocker - Mixed Media
Ben Dworski-Riggs - Wood
Ben Parker - Folded Paper
Benmichel - Photographs
Bill Healy - Found objects/Mixed medium
Blaze and Bloom Vintage - Repurposed furniture and home accessories
Bone Flower Botanikals-Thirteenth Moon Designs - Artisanal botanikal herbal apothecary/handmade art
Bradford Robinson Mobiles - Mobile sculptures
By The Sea Home - Antique and vintage textiles, antique and vintage
C. Dianne Zweig- Contemporary Mixed Media Artist - Contemporary Mixed Media
CAGarthwaite Photography - Natural Photography
CARIGLIA ARTS Original hand painted Digital Art - HAND PAINTED DIGITAL ART on CANVAS
Carol E. Bower, Photo-Graphics - Photography
Carol Roffey Woodturner - Wood
Cathy Chong Studio - Acrylic Paintings and Photography
Cathy Doocy - Oils on canvas and paper
Cecil Eciam Gresham - Painting and Photography
Ceil Rossi, Carefree Gourd Gallery - Dimensional Gourds
Ceramics by Ashley - Ceramics
Ceramics by Elizabeth - Ceramics
Cetacean Society International - Photography & pen-and-ink drawing
Chaparro Studio - Mixed Media
Chet Kempczynski - Oil, oil monotype and watercolor and gouache
Chris Figat - Oil and acrylic on canvas
Christa Whitten - Watercolor and gouache
christiane hellner-obrien - Photography / painting / mixed media
Christine Chaise Greenwood - Acrylics and mixed media
Christine MacClintic - Oil on canvas
Christine Quallen Photography - Photography
Cindy Bassett - Pastel, Acrylic, Charcoal
Cliffside Crafts - Wood
Connecticut Professional Photographers Association - Photography
Corey Pane - Mixed media painting
CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts - Multimedia Professional & Student Artists
Custom Framing Depot - Picture Frames
Dana Herbert - Interior Design
David Bauer - Photography
David Davis Wilson of D. Wilson-Art Pottery - Artisan Pottery
david elliott - Photography and blended media
David Leclerc - Handmade Paper
Dawn Cook aka electricdawn - Drawing, painting, collage, sculpture
Dean Pagani - Photo prints (ink jet)
Defining Studios - Photo/Video/Lighting
Del & Judi Charlton - Stained Glass, Dichroic Glass & Wire
Dennan / Brunelle - Ceramics, Faux-a Scarves, Prints, Natural Soaps
Dennis Peabody - Glass
Diane L. Cadrain - Fiber
Diane Meccariello - Acrylic
Dianne Tuttle - Mixed media
Donna Spencer - Photography
E & T Design - Jewelry
Eaze (Black Frame Vision) - Street Photography
ECO: WASTE NOT - Knits, photography, Acrylic
Elaine Lyman Fine Art - Original Oil Paintings
Elena Gibson - Felted wool, paper
ElizaDoLittleToday Photography - Digital Photography
Elle Fagan Arts - Watercolor
Ellen Rose - Mixed Media
Ellen Schiffman - Mixed Media/ Fiber Art
Elmshade Glass Studio - Glass
Emilie Cohen Jewelry - Jewelry
Emily Anderson - Prints, paintings and collages
Emma Brunton - Oil Paint
Estelle Laschever Fine Art - Fine Art Prints and Mixed Media Paintings
Evening Waters Pottery - Ceramics
EyemnKogneeto - Watercolor
Favor Photos by M.R.H. - Photography
Feltnicity Handcrafted by Vida - Wool Felting
Ferntree Studio - Mixed media
Fiber Frolic - Nuno Felting and Fiber Art
Frances R.Drew - Oils, mixed media
Francesca Sophroniou - Pencil, sharpie, colored pencils, markers
Free Lunch Studios / Paul Hahn Designs - Comics and furniture
Fresh Start Pallet Products - Wooden pallets
Friendly Neighborhood Comics - Paint
Gabrielle Zane - Mixed Media Encaustics
Ganick Studio, Peter and Carol - Education and various
Gary Jacobs - Oil
Gay Schempp Studio - Encaustic
Genti Bushi - Oil, acrylic, mixmedia
Gig Lavery - Clay
Ginny August Pottery - Clay
Glaze n Glory - Clay
Grassillini Creations - Leather
Greenstone Studio - Silver / leather / dichroic glass
Greenwood Glass Blowing Studio/Gallery/School - Hand blown glass, metal , wood
H.L. GROEN - Mixed Media; Polymer, watercolor and acrylic
Hartford Artisans Weaving Center - Fiber: weaving
Hartford Flavor Company - Wild Moon Liqueurs
Hartford Prints! - letterpress
Hartford Public Library - Fiber
Haze - Oil and Acrylic
Hello Dahle - All
Hollie Good - Photography
Holly Spencer Photography - Photography
Imani Mamalution & The High Vibe Tribe - Painting/mixed media
Inda Jewelry - Handcrafted Jewelry
Innovative Design - Fabric
Irene Dizes, Hands on Creativity - Nuno Felting
Iwanickimedia - Acrylics and Oil on Canvas
J & M Image Works - Photography
J. C. Phillipps - watercolor & collage
J. Pinette - Photography
J.DiScipio Art - Oil Paint, Make-up
Jack Hollant - Oil Paint
James D'Amore Art - Oil paint and digital work
Jane Carroll - Watercolor
Jason Werner - Painting
Jeanne Peters Jewelry Design - Wirework, Polymer Clay, Small Antiques, Found Art
Jeff Brown - Mixed media
Jell Hilliman - Oil paint
Jess Franks - Acrylics
Jessica Dickens - Jewelry and mixed media
Jessica Fallis - Painting, Pottery, Prints
JFRoche Photography - Digital Photography
Jill R. Friedman - acrylic on canvas
Jing Tong - Little Fish's Canvas - Acrylic
Joanna Biskupski - Jewelry, semi-precious stones, sterling, metals
Joe Boyle - Abstract painting
Joe Cornfield's Wallpaper & Window Treatments - Fabric and wallpaper
Joe Sam - Mixed Media
John Hofmann Photography - Photography
John Kempczynski - Pastel, oil and oil monotype
John O'Brien - Pen and Ink
John Tyner - Acrylic on canvas
Jon Eastman - Mixed media constructions, clocks and collages
Joseph R. Gorneault Jr. - Mixed
Joy Floyd - Collage - Found materials
Joya Helander - Ceramics
Junko Falcone - Oil on canvas
Justyna Dabrowski - Acrylic and Fabric
Karen Drazen Jewelry - Beaded jewelry
Karen Israel Original Pastel Paintings - Pastel
Karen Rossi Studios - Metal and mixed media
Kate & Sara's Fine Art and Illustration - Oil, Watercolor, Digital
Kate Sanderson's Art - Colored Pencil, Charcoal, and Acrylic
Katherine Tolve- Progressive Patterns - Mixed media
Kathi Packer Studio - Oil painting, drawing
Katie Kopcha - Watercolors
Kelly Mann presents KelläTor's Garden - Mixed media
Kelly Taylor - Mixed Media
Kimberley Scoble - Oil
Kimberly Caruso-Poley - Mixed media art and fused glass jewelry
Kimberly Heil - Acrylics, mixed media
KS - Mixed media
Kurt Suydam - Photography
Kyle Gallaway - Ceramic Artist - Ceramics
Lanny Nagler Photography - Photography
Laura Victore Equestrian Paintings - Oil on Canvas
LeaAnn Cogswell - Sculpture and Glass
Liena Dieck Wearable Art - Fiber Art
Linda Boisvert-DeStefanis - Oils/pastels
Linda J. Ouellette, LjoyceDesigns - Photography & iPhone/iPad digital painting
Linda Lilling - Oil & acrylic
Linda Rahm - Acrylic
Lindsay Behrens Art - Screen-printing on paper & clothing, painting & drawing
Lionz and Lambz - Photography & Filmmaking
LJB Special Photography - Photography
Lori Barker - Mixed media
Lori Racicot-Burrous - Acrylic
Lorna Morris Cyr - Oil on canvas
Lou Cherichetti - Fiber
Louisa Barton Duguay - Acrylic and pottery
Lowest Price Picture Framing Co - All Media
Luis Adrian Arroyo - Painting
Lytle - Mixed
Maggie McFarland - Fabric, buttons, and beads
MakeHartford - 3D printing, luminescent fiber, photography, paint
Marc Burns - Seeing
Mark Zunino - Oil, watercolor, drawing and etching
Mary Lazzaro-Bach - Textiles
mclainjewelry - Jewelry in sterling and semiprecious stones
MD Robertson Photo Arts - Photography
Megan Boyle Ceramics - Ceramics
Meredith Arcari - Mixed media painting, photography and jewelry
Michael Toti - Collage
Michaela Cieri - Pencil (sketch), painting, acrylic and watercolor
mijumiART - Mixed Media
Mina Karimian - Acrylic and watercolor
Mindfulness and Matters - Pottery, Gourds
Misha Izydorczak - Photography
Molly McGuire Ceramics - Ceramics
My Precious Stones - Jewelry
Nan Runde - Drawings and paintings
Nancy Doherty - Collage and mixed media on paper
Naturally Dogs and Cats - Retail Pet Supply Store
NC WHITCHER - Small vessels in stoneware, monotype cards on paper
Neil LeFebvre - Oil on canvas / Photography / Craft
Nicholas & Natalie Wing - Paintings and Jewelry
Nicki's Necklaces - Beaded Jewelry
Nigel Wynter Art Studio - watercolor, oils, mixed media
Normand Charlette - Digital Photography
Oak Hill Arts Studio - Paintings, photography, ceramics and more!
Old Crow Vintage LLC - Vintage goods
Paint by Nectarine - Sara Nicole - Ceramics and Small paintings
Paola Evangelista Art - Ceramics
Parkville Studios - Studio
Paskov Pottery - Clay
Passages Gallery - Various media
Pavani Arigila - Oil and Acrylic
Paws That Draw - Rescue Dog Pup Art - Acrylic
Pedro Centeno - Ceramics
Phyllis Meredith Photography - Film and digital photography
Pierre Sylvain Fine Art - Acrylic and mixed media, found objects
Poor Girls Pottery featuring Amy Sciongay - Pottery
Poor Girls Pottery featuring Erika Novak - Ceramics
Procreate Artist Group - Mixed Medium
Pure Junk Found Object Sculpture - Welded metal found objects
Quark Tees - Textiles, apparel
Quilibet - Jewelry
Raising Wallz - Pottery
Real Art Ways - Interdisciplinary
Rebecca McMann; Just Radiant - Metallic Photography
Reflection of God's Love by Lorraine - Photography
Richard Hawley - Photography, Painting, Film, Furniture and Design
Ricky Silverspoon - Fine art
riri's pottery haus - Stoneware
Rita W. Bond - Oil, acrylic
Robin Rittinger LPC-ATR - Multi-media
Roxann Poppe Leibenhaut - Oil painting
Roxanne Crane - Ink and acrylic paintings
Samantha Rowe - Clay
Sandra Maineri - Pencil, colored pencil on art paper
Sandy Fromson - Felting and jewelry
Sarah Paolucci - Oil
SB Kehmna Ceramic Art & Pottery - Clay
Sean Norton - Oils
Shannon Gerrity Photography - Photography
Sharon Lee Dougherty - Oil, mixed-medium
Shawna Rosol Ceramics - Ceramics
Shawna Rosol Ceramics - Ceramics
Silver Thumb Studio - Jewelry and Polymer vessels
Soulful Creations By Denise Balcanoff - Alcohol Inks
Stacy Geryk Paintings & Photography - Oil paintings and photography
Stella Blue Photography - Photography
Stuart Williams - Pastel on paper
Stubbs Art Studio - Watercolor and acrylic paintings
studio a-lala - Printmaking, animation, illustration
Sue Banks - Acrylic on furniture and other objects
Summer Green Pottery - Pottery
Suzanne Jolissaint, Art Therapy - Oil & acrylic, mixed media, clay
Tainted Inc. - Makeup
Tao LaBossiere - Murals, illustration, sculpture, public art
Terese Maineri de Velasquez - Woven material, watercolor, oil paint, sculpture
The 224 EcoSpace - Visual; Performing; Culinary Arts
The Art of Matt Becker - Digital Illustration, Acrylic, and Ceramic.
The Jumping Frog Used Bookstore - Used & Rare Books
The Painted Paw (Artist : Tia Slivinsky-Jones) - Acrylic painting
The Shops at 485 New Park - Multi media venue
ThinkWell Center LLC - Mixed media, art and activities
Thomas J McCabe / S turnpike - Acrylic
Tied In Chains - jewelry
Tiffany Bradshaw - Acrylic on canvas
tiny dino - Mixed
Torshie Honora - Baskets
Tricia Drezek - Color & Clay - Watercolor and oil paint, stoneware clay
Trish Dehls Studio - Fiber/enamel/copper/silver
Vanessa Braucci and Brian Morringiello - Mixed media, ceramic, photography
VASU Studio/Field To Face Organic Beauty - Botanical Beauty and Yoga
Velange Couture LLC - Semi-precious gemstones, acrylics and photos
Ventura - Oil Painting
Veteran's Therapy Through Art - Photography, Acrylics and Mixed Media
Vicente Garcia - Ceramics and sculpture
Virginia Seeley: This Clay House - Clay
Visions N Clay - Functional pottery
Watermark Press - Printmaking, Painting
White Rabbit Studio - Collage
William Simpson - Oil/Canvas, Charcoal/Paper
Windsor Art Center Studios - Mixed media
Yanni Sembrakis - Acrylic / Canvas
YoungArts - Ceramics
Zendigity Productions - Mixed

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