Artist List

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A.D. Bloom - Pencil and engraving
Alan Kendzior - Digital Photography
Alicja Kosalka - Photography
All That Sparkles - Sterling Silver Jewelry
Allen Freshler - Oils
Allison Flores - Ceramic
Amanda Surveski - Graphite, watercolor, colored pencil
Amini Soaps - Soap, scrubs
Amy LaBossiere - Writing and mixed media artwork
Amy Sciongay - Ceramic
Andrew and Christie: Ceramics - Ceramics
Andy Mars Photography - Digital Photography
Angela P. Shenk - Watercolor; gouache; India ink
Angela Thomas - Handmade Jewelry
Anna Grace Antonell - Acrylic on canvas
Antony Zito - Large scale paintings on multi-object panels
Art by Eddie S (Eddie Sipes) - Abstract (resin art)
Art by Lucy Shuki - Oils, acrylics, mixed media
Art Glass Alchemy - Glass
Art of Tao LaBossiere - Mixed media, rusty metal, and reclaimed wood
Arthur Backstrom - Film Photography
B.Rossitto - Oil paintings
Barbara Hocker - Mixed Media
Ben Dworski-Riggs - Wood art
Benjamin Parker - Folded paper
BH Upcycled Designs - Fiber/apparel
Biana Bova - Digital
Bill Healy - Mixed medium
Blue Leaves Bakery - Gluten-free and dietetic baked goods
Bolga Baskets - Baskets
Brigid Kennedy Studio - Drawings, paintings, sculpture
Brittany Hube - Stone Shed Pottery - Ceramics
Brownbear and Owl Holistic Counseling - Mixed Media Paintings
Cariglia-ART - Ink on canvas - Digital Art - Classic 21st century art
Carlene Buchanan - Abstract Digital Art
Carlos Crispin - Photography
Carol E. Bower Photo-Graphics - Photography
Carol Kaplan - Mixed Media
Cas - Wood/junk
Ceil Rossi Carefree Gourd Gallery - Gourds
Cetacean Society International - Photography
Chet Kempczynski - Oil, oil mono-type and watercolor.
Chocolate Thunder - Vocals
Chris Figat - Acrylic paint
Christine Chaise Greenwood - Acrylic paint and mixed media
Christopher Brown - Water Soluble Oil Paint
Christopher Gallagher - Mixed
Christy Corey - Acrylic and watercolor paintings and illustrations
Cliffside Crafts - Wood
Cocoa Art - Acrylic and textured material
Colleen Malley - Photography
Comfort Crochet Haven - Fiber
Connecticut Art Therapy Association - Mixed media
Courtney Silvia - Oil and Acrylic Paintings
CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts - Multimedia
Curioporium - Various
Cynthia Haze - Mixed media
Dana Herbert - Interior design, wall finishes, furniture
david elliott - Photography and photographic crafts
Denise Balcanoff - Alcohol Ink, Acrylics, Mixed Media
Donna Anderson - Mixed media
Doug Hockman Photography - Photography
EAMARTWORK - Oil, acrylic, watercolor paints
Eclectic Mixed Media Jewelry - Mixed Media Jewelry
Eco-Printing - Fiber
ElJan Glass - Glass
Elle Fagan Art - Watercolor
Emilie Cohen Jewelry - Jewelry
Eric Urquhart - Painting
ERP Studio & Artsy Meg - Ceramic & Jewelry
Estelle Laschever - Monotypes and Oil with Mixed Media
Farmington Valley Art Center - Art Center
Fern Street Designs by Cara Stimmel - Artisan Crafted Jewelry and Accessories
Field of Visions Photography - Photography
Forbidden Forest Art - Clay / pottery and illustrations
Frances R. Drew - Oil, acrylic, latex
Francie Fillatti - Oil Paintings
Freestone Forge - Mixed Media
Fresly Studio - Photography
Frozen Leaf Photos - Photography
Gary Jacobs - Oil
Gay Schempp - Encaustic, Oil Paint
Genti Bushi - Oil, Acrylic, Mixed media
Gig Lavery - Clay
Glenn Affleck - Photography
Grace Epstein - Ceramics and paintings
Grassillini Creations - Leather
Hartford Art School - All media and materials
Hartford Artisans Weaving Center - Fiber arts
Hartford Flavor Company - Spirits
Hartford Prints! - Letterpress printing and design
J.ramphoto - Photography
Jack McConnell - Photography
Jasmine Jones / Aislin Magazine - Photography & Magazines
Jason Werner - Painting
JB Designs - Jewelry
Jeff Brown - Cigar Box Guitars
Jess Franks - Acrylics
Joanna Biskupski - Jewelry
John Hofmann Photography - Landscape Photography
John Kempczynski - Pastel and Oil Mono-type
John O'Brien - Pen and Ink
John Tyner - Acrylic
Jon Eastman - Mixed Media Modernism and Futura Clocks
Joseph R. Gorneault - Mixed
Josh Menko - Pen and Ink
Joy Monroe - Mixed Media
Jubilee Fine Art and Lowest Price Custom Picture Framing - All media
Julie Phillipps - Watercolor, ink, textiles
JunkPot Studio - Ceramic
K&H Leatherworks - Leather
KAATU Khonda African Arts - Fabric
Kaelan Czajka - Acrylic, multi-media
Kathi Packer Studio - Oil painting
Kelly Taylor - Mixed Media
Kelly Triolo - Painting
KiKi Sanchez - Acrylic
Kimberley Scoble - Oil
Kimberly Heil - Acrylic, mixed media
Knot Right Knitting - Custom designed and hand knit items
Koraima Leah - Acrylic paint on canvas, fabric paint on clothing
Kristy Joyce - Herbs, gemstones, etc
Kurt Suydam - Photography
Kyle Gallaway Clay - Ceramics, painting, photography
Lanny Nagler Photography - Photography
Larry Freibauer - Acrylic on Canvas
Laurie D Lemek - Sterling silver and semi precious stones
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis - Oil
Linda Rahm - Mixed and acrylic
LJB Special Photography - Photography
Lori Barker - Mixed media art
Lori Racicot-Burrous - Acrylic
Lorna Morris Cyr - Oil on canvas
LuLu's Knits & Felts - Fiber
luz jule whiston - Vinyl, fabric
Lynn Ferrari - Mixed Media
Made by Melani - Ceramics
Magdalena Gawronski - Painting, Drawing
MakeHartford - Wood, 3D Printing, Glass, Plastic, Fiber, Yarn
Margaret Gammell and Mary Talbot - Printmaking, drawing, acrylic/oil painting
Marydees Alley By Mary Dombrowski - Ink
Matthew Ginsberg - Ceramics
Maurice D. Robertson Photo Arts - Photography
Melissa Wright - Ceramic, acrylic, face painting and crafts
Michael Bibow-Finucane - Oil
Michael Rice - Spray paint on aluminum
Michelle Hawran - Painting and Embroidery
Michelle Ignatowicz - Drawing and mixed media collage
mijumi - Mixed Media
Mina Karimian - Acrylic paint and ink, watercolor, pen
Mobiles by Brad Robinson - Mobile sculpture
Molly Shaughnessy Encarnacion - Watercolor, Mixed Media, Sculpture
Monique Tobet - Jewelry
MOUNT HOOK - Mixed media
Mountain Tree Studios - Metalwork and mixed media jewelry
Nan Runde - Pencil, oil, and egg tempera
Nancy Dudek - Alcohol ink, acrylic, oil
Nancy Talbot Stained Glass and Mosaics - Stained Glass and Mosaics
Nataliya Sazonova - Mixed media, watercolor
Natasha D. Miles - Watercolor, Acrylic & Multimedia
Neil LeFebvre - Oil on Canvas / Photography / Craft
newagehoodrats - Anything hands on
Nichilismo in Fotografia - Photography
Nigel Wynter Art - Watercolor, oils, acrylics, mixed media, pencil
NOEL MÜSE - Photography
Normand L. Charlette - Photography
Odile Skarnes - Oil on Canvas
Oyster Collective - Polymer Clay, Resin, and Other Glittery Materials
Parkville Sounds - Music
Patti Maher - Graphite, watercolor
Patty Kay Hall - Multi-media
Paws That Draw, Rescue Dog - Acrylics
Pieces of Our World-Wanda Brown Claitty - Multi-media
Ray Shaw - Photography
Re.galia by Nancy MacBride - Up-cycled clothing
Real Art Ways - Multidisciplinary
reARTcycle - Recycled metal
Rebecca Maloney - Acrylic, mixed media, collage
Renée Hughes - Monotype Prints and Monotype Collages
Reo - Paint/assemblage
Resilience - Screen-printing
Rita W. Bond - Acrylic, oil
Robert Faucher - Canvas print
Robert Zott - Music
Roderick Waterman - Acrylic and oil paint
Round Trip Clayworks - Ceramics
Royal Angel Creations - Wire wrapped crystal jewelry
Sandra Baker - Collage and abstract paintings
Sandra Van Vooren - Wire and stones, some fabrics
Sara Zunda Illustrations - Digital Media
Sarah Rohlfing Studio - Clay, Oil Pastel, Painting
Sarah Rose Aromajewelry - Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry
Sarah Schneiderman - Found and Recycled Materials and Everyday Trash
Shavon Gales - Acrylic
Shin Wakabayashi - Gouache
SNFFBX - Artist books
South County Crepes - Hand crafted crepes
Spirited Touch Designs - Resin, wood and other elements of nature
Stephanie Leaphart - Sterling silver art jewelry
Steve Kaplan - Wood
Studio Lebron - Painting/Drawing/Photography
Studio Mari - Acrylic on canvas, prints
Sue Banks - Acrylic
Sue Fenton - Photography, photo art
Summer Green Pottery - Pottery
Susan Prentice - Oil on canvas, watercolor, pastel, clay
Suzanne Levy - Painting Acrylic on clayboard and canvas
Sylvia Sarzynska - Oil
T-Diva Designs - Jewelry, Paper and Fibers
TaggART - Wood, stain, string, nails
Tenom - Mixed media
Terese Maineri de Velasquez - Weaving, oil paint, water color painting, jewelry
The Beekeeper's Basket - Personal and beauty care
The Blue Hydrangea - Pastel, watercolor, acrylic
The Conrad L. Mallett Art Gallery - Painting
The END Ensemble - Dance & Music
The Hartford Dance Collective - Dance
The Jumping Frog Bookstore - Books
The Sewing Circle Project - Mixed
Timothy Alexander - Paints, acrylic and oils
Timothy Miles - Acrylic
TotiArt - Mixed media collage
Trish Radil - Acrylic on Canvas
Uniquely Yours Arts - Acrylics
Veterans Therapy Through Art - Photography, fine art, adult coloring, crocheting
Vibeke Dressler/ White Rabbit Studio - Collage
Virginia Seeley - Clay
Visions N Clay - Functional Pottery
Watermark Press - Printmaking and paper arts
WOMACK - Acrylic on canvas
Yanni Sembrakis - Acrylic on Canvas
Yashika - Acrylics
Yvonne C. Espinoza - Acrylic on canvas
ZeroSnake - Mixed Media & Digital

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