Artist List

2017 Open Studio Artists




3 Pour Artists - Allyson Coughlan - Mixed Media
3 Pour Artists - Lisa M. Culmone - Acrylic/Mixed Media Mediums
3 Pour Artists - Marlo Herrick - Acrylic on canvas
A. Balkun Studio - Mutlimedia - Photography
AJ Masthay/Masthay Studios - Letterpress/relief printing
Alicja Photography - Photography
Allen Freshler - Oil on linen
Ally Does Art - Ceramics
Andres Chaparro - Mix media collage/painter
Angela P. Shenk - Watercolor
Angela Traunig - Mixed media
Antonio Figueroa - Spray paint on canvas
Arbor Street Potters - Clay
Art Backstrom - Traditional Film Photography
Art By Chris Brown - Oil paint
Art by Sarah Bach - Clay
Art Connection Studio - Painting, mixed media, fiber arts, jewelry
Art You Kidding Me - Ceramics
Ashton Lally - Acrylic and oil
Azua Echevarria & Toni Johnson - Healing artist using natural earth elements & jewelry
B.Rossitto - Oil, watercolor, pastel
Balkun Woodcarving - Wood
Barbara Hocker - Mixed Media
Ben Dworski-Riggs - Wood, electicity
Ben Parker - Paper Sculpture
Black Frame Vision - Street Photography
Blue Leaves Bakery - Culinary Arts
Bob Carter Custom Design - Acrylic, Charcole sketch
Bohemian Arts Social Club - Mixed media
Bottles of Hope Worksop - Polymer Clay on glass bottles
Bowman Paper Cut Art - Paper
Brad Robinson Mobiles - Mobile sculptures
Braucci & Fallon Ceramic Creations - Ceramic
Brian Colbath - Oil painting
C & D Quilts - Fabric
Capewell Lofts - Various
Carla Lindsey & Jonesetti Designs - Oil, various fabrics and materials
Carol & Peter Ganick - Mixed media, drawings and watercolor
Carol E. Bower Photo-Graphics - Photography
Caroline Pierce - Ceramics
Cassia Cogger - Mixed media
Cathy Chong Studio - Acrylic Paintings and Photography
Cathy Doocy - Oil on paper and canvas, charcoals
Ceil Rossi Carefree Gourd Gallery - Gourds
Ceramics By Ashley - Clay
Cetacean Society International - Photography
Charles Fort - Poetry and Poetry Performance
Chet Kempczynski - Oil, oil monotype and watercolor and gouache
Chompers - Food truck
Chris Figat - Oil and acrylic on canvas
Chris Freund - Photography
Christine Chaise-Greenwood fine art and sculptures - Acrylics and mixed media
Christine MacClintic - Oil paint on canvas
Christopher Hayes - Stained and Fused Glass
Cinder + Salt - Screenprinting
Cliffside Crafts - Turned and carved wood
CQM Photography - Photography
Creative Fusion Glass - glass
CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts - Printmaking, Collaging, Book Design & More!
Cynthia Haze - Acrylic oil mixed media
Dana Herbert - Interior Design
Dana Ouellette - Acrylic/canvas
david elliott - Photography and photographic crafts
Dean Pagani - Photography - Photographic prints
Deborah Lynn Artist - Mixed Media
demuerte - Design, cut & sew
Denise Balcanoff - Alcohol ink and mixed media
Dennis Peabody - Glass
Designs by Jackii - Jewelry
Diane L. Cadrain, Fiber Artist - Fiber
Diane Meccariello - Acrylic and oil
Dianne Tuttle - mixed media
DJ Stenson - Oil on canvas
Doo-Rite Robot Sculptures - Sculptures
Doug Sweeney - Phoenix Arts - Recycled magazine collage
Drew R Darley - Ceramics
E&T Design - Jewelry
Eciam Art - Photography and Paint
Elaine Lyman - Oil Painting
Elisabeth Moss Painted Prayers - Painting- acrylic, watercolor, & collage
Elizabeth McVerry Hanlon - Digital Photography
Elizabeth Watson Raphael - Stone and bronze
Elle Fagan Art - Watercolor
Emilie Cohen Jewelry - Jewelry
Erica Nelson & Kyle Grimm - Music & Dance
Erika Novak - Pottery
ERJURSELF - Digital Art
ES Chanterelle Art - Acrylic & alcohol ink
Estelle Laschever Fine Art- Prints, Multimedia Oil - Monotypes and oils with mixed media
Ethan Frederick Newman - Painting
Evening Waters Pottery - Ceramics
FASCHINN - Textiles
Fern Street Designs by Cara Stimmel - Artisan Crafted Jewelry and Accessories
Frances R Drew - OIl painting, constructions
Francie Fillatti - Paintings
Fresh Start Pallet Products - Reclaimed wood
Gabrielle Zane - Waxing Moon Studio - Encaustic/Mixed
Gary Jacobs - Abstract Oil Painting
Gay Schempp Studio - encaustic and mixed media
Genti Bushi - Oil, Acrylic, Mix media
Gerald Ward Glass Art - Flameworked glass
Gig Lavery - Clay
Glaze n glory - Ceramic
Grace Epstein - Ceramics
Grassillini Creations - Leather
Ground Floor Group Show - Mixed media group show
Handcrafted Macrame Art by Kira Philips - Macrame
Hartford Art School - All
Hartford Artisans Weaving Center - Fiber
Hartford Flavor Company - Spirits: Flavored Liqueurs
Hog River Brewing - We make beer!
Holly Spencer Photography - Photography
Ian Crowley - Sculpture/ceramics/mixed media
Innovative Design - Fabric
iTB Photography Studio - Photography (Film and Digital)
J. DiScipio Art - Oil Painting
Jack McConnell Photography - Color Photography
Jacqueline Boxer - Clay, Fiber
JaimeLee Art.... - Acrylic paint & mixed media on canvas & canson paper
Janet Galasso Design - Photography, Digital Art and Design, Mixed Media
Jaroslav Bil - photo prints,metal,canvas
Jason Werner - Painting
JC Spock - Mixed Media
Jeanne Peters Art to Wear - Mixed Media: Polymer Clay, Antique Buttons, Wire
Jeff Brown - Cigar Box Guitars
Jeff Sullivan - Acrylic
Jennifer Jacobs / Bad Bunny - Oils
Jess Franks - Acrylics
Jessica Dickens - Handmade Jewelry
Jessica Regele - Clay, found objects and Herbalism
JFRoche Photography - Digital Photography
Jill Friedman of jill free arts - acrylic on canvas/photography
JJ the Artist - Acrylic on canvas
Joan Pollak - Animal Art - Driftwood
Joanna Biskupski - Jewelry
JOE SAM. - mix/media
John Hofmann Photography - Landscape Photography
John Kempczynski - Pastel, oil and oil monotype
John OBrien - Pen and ink , acrylics
John Tyner - acrylic on canvas
Jon Eastman - Futura Clocks and Other Curiosities
Josh Sheldon Art - Metal sculpture
Joy Floyd - Collage
Joyce Bragdon Studio - Abstract mixed-medium and resin
Julie Chen and Community Connections - Documentary Photography
Julie Phillipps - Watercolor, collage, textile crafts
JulieAnn Derby - Oil
Junkpot Studio - Ceramics
K.Russo Photography - Portrait photography
Karen Burke Photography - Photography / Digital
Karen Drazen - Beaded jewelry
Karen Rossi Studios - Metal
Karolina Kopek - Acrylic, watercolor, oil, mixed media
Karyn Sweezy - Glass
Katherine Emely Gomez - Digital Photography
Kathi Packer Studio - Oil painting, drawing
Katz Framing Company - Painting
Kelly Mann of Unique Visions - Mixed media
Kelly Taylor - Mixed Media
Kendall Soliwoda - Synthetic Polymer/Mixed Media
Kiki Sanchez - Acrylic paint
Kimberley Scoble - oil
Kurt Suydam Photography - Photography
L. Boisvert-DeStefanis - Oil (some pastels)
Lady Ashley Designs - Crochet
Lanny Nagler Photography - Photography
Lauren Young - Ceramics
LeaAnn Cogswell - Sculpture and Glass
Liena Dieck Wearable Art - Fiber Art
Linda Davidson - Jewelry
Linda Rahm - Acrylic & mixed media
Lindsay Behrens Art - Screen-printing & Painting
LJB Special Photography - Photography
LjoyceDesigns Digital Art & Photography - Digital Art & Photography
Lola N. - Mixed Media
Lon Pelton - Sculpture
Lori Barker - Mixed
Lori Racicot - Acrylic
Lorna Morris-Cyr - Oil
LuLu's Knits & Felts - Fiber
Lynn Ferrari - Mixed Media
Madness In The Morning - Watercolor
Magdalena Gawronski-Mietus - Painting and Drawing
Magge Gagliardi - Digital Artist
MakeHartford - Tactile
Mallorie Ostrowitz - Photography
Marc Burns - Mixed media
Mare Davis Photography - Photographs matted prints, canvas, metal
Margaret Gammell - Charcoal,colored pencil, ink
Marie Laurence Fortin - Acrylic Painting
Mark Iwanicki - Oil and Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Mark Zunino - Oil paintings and prints
Marny Lawton, Oil and Egg Tempera Painter - Oil and egg tempera
Martha Dawkins - Mixed
Mary Neagle - Ranges from water color, pencil, sharpie, graphic
MaryKate Daly - Paint / Ceramic
Matt Becker - Ceramic, Digital Illustration, and Acrylic
Matt Ryan of Free Lunch Studios - Illustration/comics
MDRobertson Photo Arts - Photography
meredith arcari - Mixed media, jewelry and prints
Michael Sisko - Photography
Michael Toti - Mixed media collage
mijumi - Mixed Media
Mina Karimian - Acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink
Molly McGuire Ceramics - Ceramics
Molly Shaughnessy - Mixed Media
Monica Hewryk Ceramics - Ceramics
MOUNT HOOK - Mixed Media (Graphite, Inks, Acrylic)
MudWonk Clayground - Ceramics
My Precious Stones - Sterling silver and semi precious stones
Nan Runde - Drawing and painting media
Natasha D. Miles - Multimedia Book Designer, Painter & Printmaker
Natural Chic Designs by Anna - Canvas paintings and quartz mosaic art
Natural Flaire - Artistic wood items
Neil LeFebvre - Oil on canvas, photography
New Journey Designs - Beads, silver weaving and polymer clay
Nicole E Horsman - Gouache/cut paper & Clay Sculpture
Nigel Wynter Art Studio - Watercolor/oils/pencil
Normand Photography - Photography
Oak Hill Arts Studio - Painting, ceramics, sculpture
Onomono Art - Ink, Graphite, Acrylic Paint, Watercolor
Pamela Jordan Art & Design - Acrylic
pamela VITALE / akaXYEYE - Video art
Passages Gallery - Oil, Acrylic, Water, Charcoal
Paul Hahn Designs - Furniture
Paws That Draw, Rescue Dog Pup Art - Acrylics
Peter Wnek - Photography
Photography by Virge Lorents - Photography
Phyllis Meredith Photography - Photography
Poesia Graminia by Manuma - Textiles
Prathima Bhargav - Pen and ink
Progressive Patterns - Mixed Media
R.Mac - Acrylic
Real Art Ways - Interdisciplinary
Rebecca Maloney - Painting and Collage
Rebecca McMann; Just Radiant - Photography on Metal
Reflection of God's Love by Lorraine - Photography
Richard Hawley - International Filmmaking, Photography, Painting
Richard Max Gavrich - Photography
Ricky Silverspoon - Extra large
Rita W. Bond - Oil and acrylic
Robert Faucher - Acrylic, pen and ink, pencil
Robert L.Walker - Collages, Plates Wine Bottles with design
Robert Noreika - Oil Watercolor Acrylic
Roffey Woodturning - Wood
Roxanne Crane - ink and printing process on paper
RPL- Roxann Poppe Leibenhaut - Oil
S. Goulet PhotoArt - Photograpjy
Sacred Earth Creations - Stained Glass, Dichroic & Wire Weave Jewelry, Wood
Sacred Space Malas by Paula Bush - Semi-Precious Gemstones
Sally Stamos Art & Accessories - Mixed media - Acrylic, paper, fabric, ephemera
Sandra Baker - Abstract, collage, mixed media
Sandra Maineri - Mixed, paper, colored pencil, wood, stone, paint
Sandy Welch Art - Painting
Sara Zunda - Digital Media
Sarah Jane Yeager Art - Acrylics
Sarah Merkel Preissler - Acrylic paint and canvas
Saramics by Sara Nicole - Ceramics
SB Goncarova - Painting in acrylic or oil on canvas
Shamielle Ubarry Fuentes - Painting
Sharon Gusky - Photography
Silver Thumb Studio - Jewelry and textile Scarfs
Simone Martin - Pen
Smiling Fish Designs - Sculpted Stoneware, Felted Woolies and Fine Photo
Smudge+Stone - Stone, metal, glass, etc
Soul Threads - Textile
Stacy Geryk Paintings & Photography - Paintings & Photography
Steve Hunter - Acrylic
studio a-lala - Graphic design, animation, printmaking
Summer Green Pottery - Clay (stoneware)
Sylvia Sarzynska - Oil
T-Diva Designs - Handmade Jewelry, Crochet and Apparel, Fiber Art
tenom - Mixed media
Terese Maineri de Velasquez - Oil paint, digital photography, mix media
That Is Gaudi! - Collage
The Dirt Salon - Studios and visiting artist space
The Jumping Frog Used Bookstore - Used Books
The Sewing Circle Project - Fiber Arts
The Wandmaker's Apprentice - Hot glue, acrylic paint, vintage jewelry
Tied In Chains Jewelry - Jewelry
Tiffany Bradshaw - Acrylic
Tim Kudrle - Mixed media
tiny dino - Ceramics, textiles, paper, mixed media
TJV-ann artist - Watercolor/acrylic
Tom Ouellette Photography and Design - Digital photography
Trasloof - Abstract acrylic paintings
Tricia Drezek, Color & Clay - Oil and watercolor painting, various pottery
Two Classy Crones - Textiles enamel silver
Vasu Studio: Yoga + Healing Arts - Venue
Virginia Seeley - CLAY
Visions N Clay - Pottery
Wabi Sabi Ya - Washi paper craft boxes, shibori fabric bags
Watermark Press - Printmaking, Painting
White Rabbit Studio/Vibeke - Collage
Windsor Art Center Studios - Mixed media
WorksbyAnne - Oil
Xecrintic - Mixed Media Paintings and Fused Glass Jewelry
Yanni Sembrakis - Acrylic
Yeny Flores - Paint/Film/Yarn

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