Artist Profile

Marny Lawton, Oil and Egg Tempera Painter

Medium: Oil and egg tempera

Description:  Contemporary representational painting in oil and egg tempera

The synergy between my art and the environment has evolved along with an increasing understanding and love of nature. Nature can be interpreted through realism, representational and/or abstractions. I’ve chosen representational and it is through an artist’s prism that my art focuses on ecosystems in nature turning them into microcosms of art opening ideas for others to explore. As a major part of our survival in nature, painting food for the last twelve years has been my passion. As a natural resource, food on this planet could have been quite perfunctory, but for some reason wasn’t. Food has been an integral part of our survival, an aspect of everyday life as well as cultural ritual. Artists have painted food for centuries as symbols of wealth, status, beauty, economics, power, politics, fertility, memory, magic, gender, health, hunting, war, sport, decoration and religion to name a few. I paint food for it's often overlooked gemlike beauty. See Stacked Teacups and State of Suspended Animation in the OSH Group Show at ArtSpace.

Tour Location: ArtSpace Group Show Only


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