Artist Profile

Estelle Laschever Fine Art- Prints, Multimedia Oil

Medium: Monotypes and oils with mixed media

Description:  Music is at the core of my work. Color, rhythm, and texture evoke images of music

ESTELLE LASCHEVER STATEMENT Music is at the core of my art works. Interacting sounds of music can be conveyed in art through the use of color, texture, line, rhythm and pattern. Using abstract symbols, as organized in musical composition to represent expressive sound, composers have suggested many aspects of humanity of our universe, and beyond. In my work, I attempt to convey similar thoughts. I believe that every color has its own sound. Groups of colors repeat and can be heard in music the same way that musical phrases in performance can be expressed. Hy hope is that the viewer can experience my work relating to the “music” within each of them.

Tour Location: Arbor Arts Center 3rd Floor #308



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