Artist Profile

DJ Stenson

Medium: Oil on canvas

Description:  Oil on canvas Inspired by nature with a touch of mystique

Raised in beautiful Northwestern Connecticut, my work reflects and is inspired by my awe and love of nature. Having spent the majority of my childhood roaming the woods, crossing brooks, splashing in ponds, biking daily, and skipping through meadows, the wondrous landscapes of Northwestern Connecticut are part of who I am. A walk in the woods is magical, the most cathartic rejuvenation. Oil is my preferred medium, because the colors are vibrant and rich, which allows me to capture light, reflections, and textures in my artwork. Many of my works are based on photos I take of real places I have traveled to, combined with imaginative elements, to create a feeling of serenity along with a touch of mystique. It is my sincere hope that my work reminds people of the beauty of Mother Earth, and the great need to care for her. I hope I am doing my part. My goal is to create beautiful works that attract, fascinate or bring peace to the viewer's soul.

Tour Location: ArtSpace Group Show Only



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