Artist Profile


Medium: Mixed media (Alcohol ink, acrylic paint, graphite)

Description:  Mixed media focused around delicate abstract patterns and female forms

We often get asked "So, what kind of art do you do?" Where to begin, right? In a way, it would be easiest to respond: “Whatever we feel like.” A large aspect in our work is the ability to remain fearlessly open. Openness can mean many things, it literally is open to interpretation (ba-dum-tsssh!). For instance, being open to bad jokes. In approach and technique, it creates a free form of discovery. A discovery in which you may find yourself well, finding yourself. Openness can mean the expanse of the universe or being open within a creative studio space. The body of work we continuously create as MH has an underlying sense of open freedom. Most pieces are not planned. We let ourselves go until a piece feels right. With a recycle bin nearby for the ones that don’t. We don’t restrict ourselves solely to any particular medium. In fact, sometimes they're small and sometimes large. It’s a freedom we hope exudes through our work, motivating our audience to create whatever they feel like making. The point being to make something for yourself. Art inspires. Art moves. Art works. As MH, we make artwork simply because art works.

Tour Location: Arbor Arts Center 4th Floor #412



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