Artist Profile

Courtney Silvia

Medium: Painting, printmaking, clothing design

Description:  Painting, printmaking, and clothing meant to engage the viewer in question and wonder, while laughing

The self-portrait imagery I create derives from a combination of several points of interest: “high” Western Art, sociopolitical commentary, humor, sexuality, and identity. They are carefully constructed scenarios, photographed and digitally collaged together. These images then serve as a reference for my painting practice. By replacing and placing myself or significant items in and out of my paintings, new questions and projections are suddenly welcomed. My work plays with the idea of identity. How do these objects, spaces, or western traditions in painting influence my reality or the viewers perception of me? The works contain many instances where found/appropriated images are stitched together to make up crucial components in the final picture. This construct alludes to my non-fictitious personal attitudes and feelings about myself and the world. These paintings can provide an alternate reality or perception of reality for the viewer.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway


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