Colt Gateway - Venue 2017

On the Colt Campus:
34 Sequassen Street on the corner of Huyshope Avenue

COLT GATEWAY made a big splash and hosted over 100 artists! Visit again to see the plans for 2018.

Included in the massive exhibit is:

CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts:
Multimedia FREE hands-on workshops for ALL Ages

Hartford Art School, University of Hartford: 
Featuring the works of emerging artists at the Hartford Art School

Bottles of Hope WorkshopA little bottle, a bit of clay, a gift of hope

Listed Alphabetically by first name. If you'd like to know more about each artist, use the Search feature at the top of the page.

3 Pour Artists - Allyson Coughlan, Colorful mixed media paintings inspired by travel, love, and life!

3 Pour Artists - Lisa M. Culmone, Abstract fluid and mixed media paintings

3 Pour Artists - Marlo Herrick, Abstract flow acrylic on canvas

A. Balkun Studio, Upcycled vintage and Steampunk

Ally Does Art, Functional ceramics that each have their own personality

Angela Traunig, Abstract mixed media paintings featuring bright bold colors and evocative shapes

Art By Chris Brown, Strong contrast, bold colors. Fantastical landscapes and sceneries.

Art by Sarah Bach, Functional ceramic work and handmade jewelry

Art You Kidding Me, Functional Ceramics

Ben Dworski-Riggs, High voltage pyrography on wood

Bottles of Hope Workshop, A little bottle, a bit of clay, a gift of hope

Bowman Paper Cut Art, Hand cut pieces of paper to create 3D Paper cut art.

Brad Robinson Mobiles, Mobiles, both abstract and representational, that float in the air

Braucci & Fallon Ceramic Creations, Unique pottery, ceramic sculptures, ceramic and mixed media pieces

C & D Quilts, Car Seat Quilts, cotton and flannel, child and lap size

Carla Lindsey & Jonesetti Designs, Images of spirituality in nature and Afrocentric Home Decor

Carol E. Bower Photo-Graphics, Framed miniature images of Cape Cod, shore & wetlands birds, and other wildlife

Caroline Pierce, Functional and decorative vases, dinnerware, sculptures and fountains

Cassia Cogger, Mixed media that encourage one to connect to self and the world around them

Cathy Chong  Studio, Magical paintings and photography illuminated with bold colors and light

Charles Fort, A range of poetic forms and performance: traditional, jazz, blues, poetry-of-witness

Chris Figat, Impressionistic and modern paintings with a focus on the human subject

Chris Freund, Handmade tableaux built for the camera & lit with a flashlight

Christine MacClintic, Realistic landscapes painted en plein air and in studio

Christopher Hayes, Stained Glass and Fused Glass Art that is Decorative and Fuctional

Cliffside Crafts, Turned and carved wood

Creative Fusion Glass, Unique designs in kiln fused glass; dishware, home decor and jewelry

CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, Multimedia FREE hands-on workshops for ALL Ages

Cynthia Haze, Oil on wood and canvas mixed media art

Dean Pagani - Photography, Fine art photography featuring Hartford, Coltsville and architecture.

Diane Meccariello, Paintings to bring a sense of contentment and peace

Dianne Tuttle, paintings and drawings

Elaine Lyman, Paintings inspired by the majesty of the farm animal

Elisabeth Moss Painted Prayers, Sacred painted imagery - a conversation with the Divine. Painted prayers.

Elizabeth McVerry Hanlon, Digital Photography - Unique views of the greater world around me

ERJURSELF, Most of my art is based on things I loved as a kid - Face Painting

Ethan Frederick Newman, Abstract painting, bordering on figurative and abstract

Frances R Drew, Vibrantly colored paintings and shaped, constructed pieces

Fresh Start Pallet Products, Reclaimed furniture for home and garden

Gay Schempp Studio, Narrative encaustic paintings on birch panels

Genti Bushi, Exploring shapes and movement that play off each other in a balance of colors

Gerald Ward Glass Art, Flameworked glass roses, stained glass objects, stained glass/metal pieces

Grassillini Creations, Grassillini creates unique and original leather creations

Hartford Art School, Featuring the works of emerging artists at the Hartford Art School

Holly Spencer Photography, Photographic transfers

Ian Crowley, Functional and decorative ceramics with an emphasis on process and materials

Janet Galasso Design, Travel/Adventure Photography, Digital Art, Design and Mixed Media

Jeff Sullivan, Meditative artworks that build a bridge to realm of the sacred.

Jess Franks, Landscapes and florals that dance the line between real and abstract

JFRoche Photography, Digital photography of a wide variety of subjects, Framed, dry mount and cards

Joan Pollak - Animal Art, Hand-painted animal sculptures created from repurposed locally sourced drfitwood

John Hofmann Photography, Expressive Landscapes, Waterscapes and Reflections

Julie Chen and Community Connections, Documentary Photography. An inside look of Northeast Hartford's decaying Swift Factory, soon to be revived.

JulieAnn Derby, Figurative Work: Soulful Realism With A Mix Of Diaphanous Abstraction

Kelly Taylor, Abstract multi-layered landscape

Kurt Suydam Photography, Photography tree collection "Trees are people too!"

LjoyceDesigns Digital Art & Photography, Photography blended with digital art techniques

Lola N., Portrait and collage work

Mallorie Ostrowitz, Fine art landscape, nature, cityscape and travel photographer

Marie Laurence Fortin, Contemporary abstract art

Mary Neagle, Water color, pencil, sharpie, graphic based from people that inspire me, abstract and focused on lines

Michael Sisko, Often dependent on the aesthetic alignment of humanness and the laws of design

mijumi, Trees, skulls, Rasta art and a little chaos on mostly recycled materials

Molly Shaughnessy, Mixed Media

Monica Hewryk Ceramics, Sculptural ceramics pushing boundaries of construction with a bit of whimsy

Natasha D. Miles, Reflect on the past, create in the present, leave your mark for the future

Natural Chic Designs by Anna, The merger of mixed media into timeless creations; traditional and metaphysical

New Journey Designs, Handcrafted Jewelry

Nicole E Horsman, Cut paper and gouache illustrations and cartoons

Nigel Wynter Art Studio, Realistic landscapes, still life, portraiture and sports themed art

Onomono Art, Original Illustrations, Prints, Cards and Wall Art

pamela VITALE, Experiencing my view and reality from your perspective

Paws That Draw, Rescue Dog Pup Art, Creative, interpretive, acrylic art BY DOGS!

Photography by Virge Lorents, Nightscapes, nature, abstracts, mandalas, experiments

Progressive Patterns, Pattern based artwork combining recycled and traditional materials

Rebecca Maloney, Abstract & realistic mixed media painting and collage

Rebecca McMann; Just Radiant, Photography-based abstract art on metal

Reflection of God's Love by Lorraine, Photographs of nature as God created it (no enhancement), expect to see miracles

Ricky Silverspoon, Perfect imperfection

Robert Faucher, Mixed media for and about people. The soul of art and people.

Sandra Baker, Abstract, collage and mixed media art pieces created and designed with cut or torn painted paper

Saramics by Sara Nicole, Functional and decorative ceramics

Sharon Gusky, Nature photographs that give you a close up perspective of life on earth

Steve Hunter, Contemporary realism focusing on shape, color & feelings as the spirit moves me!

T-Diva Designs, A Mix of Jewelry and Crocheted pieces of Jewelry, Apparel Fibers & Wallhangings

tenom, Mixed media, urban art, abstract, cartoons

Terese Maineri de Velasquez, Internationally infused artwork inspired by travel and culture

That Is Gaudi!, A window into Portuguese culture through the love of color, shape and texture

The Quark Side, Science/math themed apparel with a punny twist!

The Wandmaker's Apprentice, Handmade magic wands made with vintage jewelry and magic themed ornaments

Tied In Chains Jewelry, Handmade jewelry featuring various styles of chain, fiber, pearls, stones & more

Tiffany Bradshaw, Whimsical and thought provoking paintings inspired by the Bible and fairy tales

Tim Kudrle, Mixture of narrative paintings, landscapes, illustrations and pop culture

Tom Ouellette Photography and Design, Matted prints, note cards and gifts featuring scenic and nature photography

Trasloof, Bold, colorful and abstract acrylic paintings

Tricia Drezek, Color & Clay, Various subjects in oil paint and watercolor, watercolor greeting cards, pottery

Two Classy Crones, Beautiful hand created work of aesthetic and functional value

Wabi Sabi Ya, Decorative boxes with Japanese designs & upcycled denim bags with shibori fabric

Yeny Flores, An interface of nature and portraits inspired by my life in paintings and photographs


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