Colt Gateway - Venue 2016

140 Huyshope Avenue - Artists showed at Street Level & on FLOORS 5 & 6
Several artists and collectors opened their doors as well

CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts - Entrance on the side halfway in parking lot near the Blue Dome

Colt artists and apartments - Use side entrance where you can see the dome or front Huyshope lobby for the elevator to upper floors

A.Genesis Robles: (Painting) Paintings that are a reflection of the surrealistic images that flow through my mind

Art By Chris Brown: (Oil) Sharing my vision of the fantastical and amazing through art with vibrant color

Artwork by Cylus Anthony: (Sketch pencils, copic sketch markers & multiliners) Anime ROCKS - Pencil, marker & multiliner sketches

ArtWorks by Zofia: (Watercolors, ink, charcoal) Watercolors of anything Nature related, Charcoal portraits and Ink drawings

Ben Dworski-Riggs: (Wood) High voltage pyrography, resulting in Lichtenberg figures

Bradford Robinson Mobiles: (Mobile sculptures) Mobile sculptures that float in space, often birds and usually minmalist

Carol E. Bower, Photo-Graphics: (Photography) Framed miniature fine art prints of shore and wading birds and Cape Cod scenes

Cathy Chong Studio: (Acrylic Paintings and Photography) Magical Visionary Paintings and Photography

Ceramics by Ashley: (Ceramics) Unique, wheel thrown, functional and decorative pottery

Chris Figat: (Oil and acrylic on canvas) Impressionistic and modern paintings with a focus on the human subject

Chris Owll: (Color pencil, Water color, Marker) Charcoal, pencil, watercolor and ink orbited around the unveiling of the human anatomy

Christine MacClintic: (Oil on canvas) Impressionistic oil on canvas depicting the  ordinary beauty in everyday lives

Cindy Bassett: (Pastel, Acrylic, Charcoal) Inspiration and creativity fueled by a diversity of mediums

Cliffside Crafts: (Wood) Relief carving & Celtic Knotwork. Wooden bowls, plates, cutting boards.

David Leclerc: (Handmade Paper) Explorations & demonstrations of spiritual lineages focusing on inner resolve

Dean Pagani: (Photo prints (ink jet)) Fine art photography featuring Coltsville

Diane Meccariello: (Acrylic) Colorful paintings depicting the calming and healing effects of nature

Dianne Tuttle: (Mixed media) Mixed media painting and drawings

Donna Spencer: (Photography) Trying to see what I saw the way I saw it with minimal photoshopping

Elaine Lyman Fine Art: (Original Oil Paintings) Paintings with fresh perspective that reframe everyday beauty into pieces of art

ElizaDoLittleToday Photography: (Digital Photography) Photography that evokes memories and emotions, captured during daily travels

Emily Anderson: (Prints, paintings and collages) Paintings and collages that spring from different times in my life, some erie some whimsical

Favor Photos by M.R.H.: (Photography) Capturing rare, honest and sincere moments in life

Ferntree Studio: (Mixed media) Mixed media paintings for children

Frances R.Drew: (Oils, mixed media) Shaped canvases/constructions painted with oils, mixed media

Free Lunch Studios / Paul Hahn Designs: (Comics and furniture) Furniture and cartoons in a fun, interactive experience!

Gay Schempp Studio: (Encaustic) Encaustic paintings on the theme of migration

Genti Bushi: (Oil, acrylic, mixmedia) Geometric abstract by form that create emotions

Grassillini Creations: (Leather) One of a kind leather designs, bags, belts, wallets, motorcycle seats

Holly Spencer Photography: (Photography) Architectural photo transfers onto various mediums

Iwanickimedia: (Acrylics and Oil on Canvas) Abstract/symbolic art inspired by Psychology, Religion, Alchemy, Neoplatonism...

J. Pinette: (Photography) Photos that are just like your least favorite uncle - dark and creepy.

Jane Carroll: (Watercolor) Loose, evocative watercolors

Jess Franks: (Acrylics) Landscapes and florals that dance the line between real and abstract

Jing Tong - Little Fish's Canvas: (Acrylic) Acrylic landscape on miniature canvases

John Hofmann Photography: (Photography) Landscape Photography - Expressive landscapes, waterscapes and reflections

Junko Falcone: (Oil on canvas) Scenery and still life

Kate & Sara's Fine Art and Illustration: (Oil, Watercolor, Digital) Illustrated greeting cards and vibrant pastoral scenes in oil

Kelly Taylor: (Mixed Media) Creating the unexpected through mixed media abstract art

KS: (Mixed media) My Mission is For you to Feel my Art

Kurt Suydam: (Photography) Trees are people too!

Kyle Gallaway - Ceramic Artist: (Ceramics) Functional and sculptural art made out of ceramics

Linda J. Ouellette, LjoyceDesigns: (Photography &  iPhone/iPad digital painting) iPad paintings created from original photography

mijumiART: (Mixed Media) An explosion of geometric shapes intertwined with a mess of paint splatters

NC WHITCHER: (Small vessels in stoneware, monotype cards on paper) Handbuilt clay stoneware vessels seen as sculpture

Nigel Wynter Art Studio: (watercolor, oils, mixed media) Figurative, still life and landscapes in a realistic style.

Pavani Arigila: (Oil and Acrylic) Acrylic and Oil painting, Pencil and Charcoal sketches

Quark Tees: (Textiles, apparel) Designs that combine science with humor as wearable art

Raising Wallz: (Pottery) Every piece of pottery I make is one of a kind, No pot alike""

Ricky Silverspoon: (Fine art) Carrying on tradition

Sean Norton: (Oils) Portraits in oil and comic characters in pencil

Sharon Lee Dougherty: (Oil, mixed-medium) Mixed-media, abstract paintings (oil, glue, wood) created with wild abandon for like-minded souls

Terese Maineri de Velasquez: (Woven material, watercolor, oil paint, sculpture) International inspired art, Cecilia Imports

Tiffany Bradshaw: (Acrylic on canvas) Powerful and modern paintings of women in the Bible

Trish Dehls Studio: (Fiber/enamel/copper/silver) Beautiful objects from CT products

Velange Couture LLC: (Semi-precious gemstones, acrylics and photos) Unique designs in jewelry, wearable art and home decor

CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts: (Multimedia Professional & Student Artists) Multimedia Visual Art, Spoken Word & Improv


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