Ekphrasis: Poetry, Music & Dance Inspired by Visual Art

In 2017, the entertaining 2016 Ekphrasis will take place at ArtSpace Hartford, 555 Asylum Street on Saturday, November 18th. The show will be followed by an After Party & Art Reception.

Nicola Sinclair, Artist  - Lorna Morris Cyr, Poet
Gary Jacobs, Artist - Izikhotane (Karl Warner & Jim Whitten) Poetry & harmonium
Amy LaBossiere, Artist  - Kenneth Lundquist Jr, Poet 
Andres Chaparro, Artist - Khaiim the RapOet
Art Connection Studio, Artists -? Gale Gardiner, pianist and lyrics
Ceil Rossi - Carefree Gourds, Artist - Ginny Connors, Poet    
Cliffside Crafts - Cliff Janssen, Artist - Olusanya Bey, Poet
Maurice Robertson, Artist - Olusanya Bey, Poet
David Leclerc, Artist & Gongs - Gabrielle Zane, Poet 
Elle Fagan, Artist-  Susan Mardinly, Poet
Thomas McCabe-  Gabriel Miguel, Iron Poet  
Jill Friedman, Artist, “The Unfinished Me”, Lyrics, vocals, music
Alana Valdez, JF Roche & Diane Meccariello, Artists -Yvon Cormier, Poet and trumpet
Joseph Gorneault, Artist - Sandra Maineri, Poet
Ally Rusgrove, Artist - Greg Garcia, Poet
Donald Beaudreaux, Artist - Bill Katz, Composer, Vocals
Shannon Gerrity, Artist - Julia Paul, Poet
John Kempczynski, Artist - JoAnne Bauer, Poet
Phyllis Meredith - Alika Hope, Vocalist
Dawn Cook, Artist - Annemarie (Jedda) Williams
Sharon Dougherty, Artist - Lynn Tracey, Instrumental
Lorna Morris Cyr, Artist - Dori Green, Poet

Originally created and coordinated by poet and artist, Lorna Morris Cyr, Open Studio Hartford's poetry event has grown into an entertaining cross-over of art forms! “Ekphrasis: Poetry, Music & Dance Inspired by Visual Art” features poetry and art, as well as music, vocals and dance depicting visual art. Poets, musicians and dancers will perform with the artwork displayed.

Poets, composers, musicians, dancers and performance artists of all kinds are sought to participate and pair with a visual artist or an artist of a different medium. Visual artwork is eligible to be chosen as the inspiration for a poem, composition and/or dance. 

Ephrasis is FREE and open to the public and includes a light reception. Donations are accepted.

Additions to Open Studio Hartford's PERFORMANCE ART WEEKEND are being accepted. Performance venues, performance artists, filmmakers, musicians, dance groups, etc. are asked to contact us with interest in participating to expand offerings for the weekend. Included have been a Cinematic Celebration hosted at Real Art Ways. We welcome your ideas!



Artist and Venue Registration Map of Open Studio Hartford Sponsor, Donate, & Volunteer

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