Artist Profile

Sharon Lee Dougherty

Medium: Oil, mixed-medium

Description:  Mixed-media, abstract paintings (oil, glue, wood) created with wild abandon for like-minded souls

Artist Statement It took me a long time to paint “that” painting. In fact it took a lifetime. My art grew from childhood memories, connections with nature, traversing life as a single, independent woman, and revelations along the way. Oil and acrylic paint, mixed media, unusual objects, and anything else that finds me for my art is fair game, I am boundless in my search. Encouragement was my biggest obstacle. “Knot in My Wildest Dreams”, one of the first paintings in my “Into the Woods” series, sums it up as I recall my high school advisor droning on that I would not make a living as an artist. “They’re a dime a dozen. Take up typing, get married, have kids.” It left a knot in my soul. Now, 50-something years later, “Knot Accepted” took first place in the Patricia Rosoff Abstract Art Award and made a dream come true. Photographing small life forms in the garden and forest inspires my current work. The skin and knots on a birch tree, the soft moss and lichen that hug a stone in the shade or the neon colors of a mushroom colony on a rotting log offer hues, shapes and textures that beg to be painted. These symbiotic relationships encourage each other for better or worse. They compliment their counterparts and thrive despite their differences. Their creation, beauty, and coexistence speak to the laws of nature and life, offering humanity a study of harmony in a much-troubled world. Inspiration for this artwork comes from many sources but I’d like to mention three: the use of glue was inspired by Takesada Matsutani, a contemporary, mixed-media artist whose artistic style infused my imagination with visual insight and the material matter which brought my work to life; my father, a self-taught master carpenter, and mother, self-taught in fashion design, who imbued me with their love of wood and art. ___________________________________________________________ Artist Bio Sharon Dougherty received her Associates Degree in Graphics Communications from Gateway Community College, North Haven; a Certificate in Interior Design from Sacred Heart University, Bridgeport, CT; and studied oil painting, drawing and web design at Northwest Connecticut Community College in Winsted, CT. Over the past 16 years her career has included volunteer and social media director for Five Points Gallery, Torrington, CT; executive assistant and graphic designer for the Northwest Connecticut Arts Council, Torrington, CT; publicity specialist for Centerbrook Architects & Planners, Centerbrook, CT; assistant director of the Chapel Street Art Gallery, New Haven, CT; Computer-aided design and drafting for several architect firms. Sharon currently resides in Torrington, CT with her husband Mike and their three, four-legged family members, Indigo, Tonto and Zuzu. She hopes to share her journey through heartfelt interpretations in the art of life. ___________________________________________________________ Exhibitions Five Points Gallery, “Emerging Artists” Gallery on the Green, Solo Exhibit 2015, Spotlight Gallery, “In the Roar of Rust and Diesel” Gallery on the Green, Solo Exhibit 2017, Spotlight Gallery, “Into the Woods” Hartford Art Space, ABEX 2016 WAA, Members Show Farmington Valley Arts Center, Juried Exhibition, “Best in Show” Awards Patricia Rosoff Award for Excellence in Abstract Art, First Place ___________________________________________________________ Soul Scribbles My work was always someone else’s. Now it’s finally mine. To create with wild abandon. To soothe my soul. To share with like minds. Traversing the path of life. Email: Website:

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