Artist Profile

Richard Hawley

Medium: Photography, Painting, Film, Furniture and Design

Description:  Multi-media art that is provocative, edgy, beautiful and creates new style

Richard Hawley is an American portrait, beauty, fashion, and art photographer, as well as in international film director, writer and producer, painter, designer, and entrepreneur. “I believe that all work can be seen as containing art, and that it is an obligation of each of us to push our work to the limits of the medium, and release the story and social relevance that is already present in what we do and is only waiting to be released by each of us in what we do…" "I try to create images and pieces of art that are provocative, edgy, and beautiful, pushing each medium I work in to establish a new style, especially when I am capturing the beauty of the human form." "I also love working with new and young talent; models, make up artist’s, and stylists, who feel as I do,about their art, and who understand that it is collaboration that more often than not creates great ideas, and establishes great careers.” __________________________ Mr. Hawley's work hangs in private collections and galleries across the country, in Europe, India and Asia. This year hanging at 56 Arbor Street is a very rare opportunity to view and purchase pieces from the extensive collections of, Mr. Hawley's limited edition Dreamscape pigment prints, Cuban Dreamscape Pigment Prints, and a collection of his limited edition, vintage, silver gelatin fiber prints, and artist's proofs, all of which are for sale and are an extraordinary investment. Richard.Hawley@instagram

Tour Location: Arbor Arts Center 2nd Floor #202


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