Artist Profile

Cathy Chong Studio

Medium: Acrylic Paintings and Photography

Description:  Magical Visionary Paintings and Photography

Whimsical, magical, spiritual - these are some of the words that collectors use to describe the paintings of Cathy Chong. Inspired by New England landscapes and skyscapes, her unique painting style communicates a lyrical and mystical vision of nature that is illuminated with a bold color palette and an exciting intensity of light. This is accomplished with multiple layers of abstract geometrically shaped brushstrokes creating a sense of texture and depth. The artist explains, ”My art is inspired by the mystery of our universe at the spiritual level. My paintings are meditative visions of the radiant source of energy expressed through color and shape. Whether in landscapes or abstractions, the essential theme is joy and wholeness.” Cathy completed an M.A. from the Graduate Institute and received a Bachelors degree in Studio Art from Lehigh University where she was honored with the school’s Fine Art Award. She is also a recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship Grant from the Greater Hartford Arts Council in the year 2000. Cathy is currently an educator in Hartford Public Schools, and she is an active member of several other local art organizations. She currently lives and runs her studio in Avon, CT.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway


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