Artist Profile

Velange Couture LLC

Medium: Semi-precious gemstones, acrylics and photos

Description:  Unique designs in jewelry, wearable art and home decor

About the Artist Michele Butler loves nothing more than to express and execute her creative mental images that won’t leave her alone day-or-night until she does something with them. Born and raised in Connecticut, Michele remembers her elementary days being inspired by her teachers who recognized her artistic talent. Her first grade teacher, Helen Wong, still talks about her awesome penmanship. Second grade consisted of sitting outside to draw the front view of Mary M. Hooker School, which lead to taking art lessons at the Wadsworth Museum. Michele thanks her teacher at the time, Sharon Raphael, for encouraging her to embrace her artistic talent. Michele received a degree in art and worked as a graphic artist for several years. Now as a teacher to children with disabilities, she integrates some of her creative ideas as a form of art therapy. Throughout her travel, Michele perceives the world as a place full of amazing color, unique structure and design. She lives to generate artistic pieces to speak volumes of the same language by designing jewelry, wearable art, home decor, paintings, photography, note cards and much more!

Tour Location: Colt Gateway

Phone: 860-983-2744


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