Artist Profile

ThinkWell Center LLC

Medium: Mixed media, art and activities

Description:  Critical, Creative Thinking teaching all ages to use 100 billion brain cells!

ThinkWell Center LLC prompts to stimulate Creativity through various activities (e.g. puzzles) and library resources to practice critical thinking with use of supplies such as markers, colored pencils, crayons, paper and glue to create community art. An infusion of Critical and Creative Thinking to enhance creativity and facilitate learning, teaching learners of all ages how to use their 100 billion brain cells to abundance! Louise Loomis at Trinity Academy Louise Loomis, Ed. D. and principal member of ThinkWell Center, LLC volunteers at Trinity Academy as a teacher of Special Topics and as an Academic Advisor. Her focus is enhancing Critical and Creative Thinking in students through academic infusion. Dr. Loomis taught Science at Weaver High School and changed to Critical and Creative Thinking after taking a course in the subject and using the material with her students. Retiring to return to college for her doctorate, she founded a non-profit, the New England Cognitive Center in 1989, and began a new career working with learners of all ages. She taught for over 20 years at Hartford College for Women, at the University of Hartford, and at Goodwin College in East Hartford. Now retired from formal teaching, she works as a mentor, a teacher and a curriculum developer at ThinkWell Center, LLC which she founded in 2011. A graduate of Bryn Mawr College, Louise has a Master’s Degree in Urban Education from the University of Hartford, and a Doctorate in Creative Education from the University of Massachusetts.

Tour Location: Arbor Arts Center 3rd Floor #302


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