Artist Profile

Christine Chaise-Greenwood fine art and sculptures

Medium: Acrylics and mixed media

Description:  Acrylics and mixed media paintings and sculptures that narrate a story words can't express

Christine is a Parisian native, certified teacher and an artist. She has taught French, Art in French and Acting in French classes in various schools and institutions in the Hartford area, including Farmington Valley Art Center, Thompson Brook, Roaring Brook and Pine Grove schools in Avon, Kingswood Oxford middle school in West Hartford, and Farmington and Simsbury continuing education for children and adults. "In dreams, laws of reality don't exist" I paint to be here, now, and to narrate a story that words can't express. One of the many pleasures I experience from creating images is to explore the thin line between controlled technique and accidental effect. Most of my paintings contain a blend of the two. My work is a mix of realistic and surrealistic styles. I like abstract painting because it suggests and touches the imagination, it has the ability to turn an impression into an image and an image into an impression. It gives me the freedom to say and to feel more with less boundaries. My art work has so much energy drawn from the subconscious that I usually need time and perspective to decipher the symbols and images. I begin drawing or painting with no preconceived ideas, and I project my visions spontaneously on the paper with little interference from the intellect. The best part for me is the story telling and the emotional reactions from my viewers.

Tour Location: Arbor Arts Center 3rd Floor #317


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