Artist Profile

LjoyceDesigns Digital Art & Photography

Medium: Digital Art & Photography

Description:  Photography blended with digital art techniques

Artist's Statement Linda J. Ouellette ~ LjoyceDesigns Digital Art & Photography My foray into painting and digital art was borne out of a desperate need for distraction from severe fibromyalgia/myofascial Pain and the rigors of being an assistant caregiver to my dad, grandmother, and grand uncle for ten years. My dad battled alzheimer's disease. All of my work is created on either my iPhone or iPad. Photographs provide the base image for my work which I then alter using digital painting or layering techniques. Only my infrared images are developed in Photoshop. One piece of art can take from one to five hours to create using anywhere from one to ten apps. Digital art and photography helped me when I was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer in August 2013. I held my iPhone and created art while hooked up to chemo. A chemo photo essay was my final project with the New York Institute of Photography. I graduated twelve days after my last treatment. Digital art and photography continue to help me heal as I create new pieces every day. Within art lies distraction and within art lies peace.

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