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Paws That Draw, Rescue Dog Pup Art

Medium: Acrylics

Description:  Creative, interpretive, acrylic art BY DOGS!

Our art is created by dogs! Many are rescue dogs from southern shelters before they go to their furever homes. It is creative and interpretive art for form and color. We have three resident artists: Suzu and Harley, rescue Carolina Dogs from WV and SC and Charlotte, a Cavalier. Our visiting artists change all of the time. Not all want to paint! We do have our diva dogs! We also press our friend's dogs into service. We hope you will find this art fun and conversational. Our proceeds are used to help other rescue dogs in need. Much of our art is donated to other rescue groups for fundraisers. PAWS THAT DRAW, RESCUE DOG “PUP” ART OUR MISSION STATEMENT Paws That Draw - Rescue Dog Pup Art, was created as a way for us to help shelter dogs from the South. Many dogs need medical treatment and regular vetting in order to find their furever homes here in the Northeast. One sick dog can cost in the thousands before their loving home can be found. As a still life, award winning, photographer many years ago, I have found myself taking photos of DOGS for the past 30 years. This seemed like a good segue to making a difference. Having a good eye for color, this project was born 5 years ago! Our work is a combination of colors and textures. Many times we take our inspiration from nature around us. One piece might take 5 or more days to complete. One piece took 4 weeks! Not every piece is a keeper! Hey, we are dealing with dogs after all! It is imaginative, fun, art that goes to the heart of the lost dogs in the south. We use our resident artists, as well as visiting artists, and foster dogs! We beg and borrow a lot of pups from local rescues for their paws, tails and any other part they want to paint with. Our oldest resident dog, Bruiser Cocker, went to the Rainbow Bridge in January, 2016. He was 14 and suffered from Cancer. Minnie Cocker, 17, joined him in March. She had a wonderful life with her Mom, Rena and sister Catherine Cocker, also a Bru sister His sister Maxie Cocker, 15, went to the Bridge on Oct 29, 2016. Catherine Cocker joined them in December. This year, we lost our beloved Hazelnutt, she was a 15 year old Tri Cavalier. Maxie’s paws can be found on most of our canvases. She was our best painter even though she was deaf and blind and suffering from re-occurring cancer. She seemed to know, somehow, where the canvases were and she went right to work. We have new, young, upcoming artists, Harley, a Carolina dog from SC and Suzu, also a Carolina dog from WV! Charlotte, a 5 year old Cavalier, the Prima Donna is not sure about painting yet. We have visiting artists: Biccie, Euli, Tussie, Gage, Arlo, Jack Black and Lily. MoeMoe and have just moved to SC so they will be missed for their contributions and of course, precious MOLLY! Our artists come in all sizes, colors! Life goes on! Our “dogs" come and go, but with this effort a few more have been saved!

Tour Location: Colt Gateway


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