Artist Profile

Erika Novak

Medium: Pottery

Description:  Wheel thrown functional and non-functional ceramic artwork

As a ceramic artist I have been living my life dedicated to clay. I create artwork through a long yet rewarding process that in the end, leaves me with something that will essentially last forever. I strive to make work that inspires me to keep creating and pushing my own boundaries. I wish to never stop working with clay. Whether it be functional work like cups and mugs or more conceptual sculptures, this is a medium that I can truly never tire of. My hope, in the end, is to create works that mean something to me and can supply someone else with something more than just a simple piece of pottery. I am influenced by America south western and Art Deco design. Geometric shapes attract me, particularly triangles and diamonds. These shapes are stable and rigid. I use them on my pieces to reflect the stability of the forms themselves.

Tour Location: Connecticut Historical Society


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