Artist Profile

Sarah Jane Yeager Art

Medium: Acrylics

Description:  Abstract expressionist art

Sarah Jane Yeager - Bio Sarah Jane Yeager was born in Van Nuys, CA. and moved to CT at a very early age. She has been an early childhood educator for the past 17 years and holds a B. A. in Social Work from Gordon College. Sarah believes strongly in the philosophy of process-oriented art for young children, the focus being for a child to learn from the experience of open-ended creativity, rather than being directed to make a piece of product art. She grounded her own approach to art out of this philosophy, as an outlet for her to explore and to express her own creativity. She had come across Zen Tangling as a way to relax. The step by step process took the fear of making mistakes away and gave a freedom that she loved. She took up adult coloring books when they came into fashion and then her inner artist really began to take form. After presenting some of her colorful work to friends and family, the feedback she received was nothing less than life changing. In March of 2016, both of Sarah’s parents experienced serious health crises and her world turned upside down. Knitting became her way of coping with stress in addition to her coloring books. The coloring books evolved into a strong desire to create original designs and to begin her journey as an artist. By exploring the wide variety of textural mediums of the market, she discovered a love and talent for creating dynamic and colorful abstract expressions. Artistic Philosophy – “I love color and what I put on paper is simply a natural expression of what is inside of me…what I create is as much a part of me as breathing.”

Tour Location: Arbor Arts Center



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