Artist Profile

Denise Balcanoff

Medium: Alcohol ink and mixed media

Description:  Alcohol ink and mixed media all about playfulness of color, flow, and movement

I am a Connecticut artist who was born and raised in N.Y.C. Growing up in a large city with a lot of concrete, it was a treat to have a chance to get away and commune with nature. My art is inspired by my childhood memories of time spent in our neighborhood parks, hikes with my father, visits to The Bronx Botanical Gardens, and summer camp in the country. It reflects those carefree days of observing and interacting with nature and its elements, hours on end, immersed in the pure joy of exploration, adventure, and discovery. A little more than a year ago I discovered the medium of alcohol inks. They are bright, beautiful, alcohol based inks that are highly saturated in color. I love the flow of the inks, how they react on different substrates, and interact with each other. Experimenting with layering and removing color, I find various ways to manipulate the inks to achieve different effects. It is always challenging and intriguing. As an artist, alcohol inks allow me to connect with my inner child, to once again take risks, explore, observe, and discover. It brings me back to the days where pleasure was found in the simple process of making mud pies and playing with water. It was pure simple joy! And so it is when I paint with alcohol inks. I am often surprised at the results and where they have taken me when I complete a piece. Now, my medium of choice, Alcohol inks allow me to lean into that joyful feeling, capturing the excitement and awe that I had as a child. I hope as you view this collection of my work it will delight your senses also, and you too will get immersed in the color and flow of the inks.

Tour Location: ArtSpace 4th Floor



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