Artist Profile

Joan Pollak - Animal Art

Medium: Driftwood

Description:  Hand-painted animal sculptures created from repurposed locally sourced drfitwood

“There are as many ways to express an idea as there are to interpret it.” Joan Pollak is a visual artist and writer who thinks in terms of images and strives to make her audience stretch its imagination. Ms. Pollak encourages her viewers to look beyond the expected ... to see the familiar where it shouldn’t be found logically ... to respond viscerally and intellectually. To this end, she uses objects found in nature to create one-of-a-kind whimsical animals with distinct personalities. Whether that object is repurposed driftwood, bone, or something else as visually arresting, she challenges the viewer to see it in a whole new way ... to be surprised, entertained, and amused. Though she largely works in a representational style, her subjects often demand a second or even third look, in the same way that a good piece of literary art may be enjoyed again and again to fully comprehend its various subtexts. And, to find the underlying humor.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway



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