Artist Profile

Angela P. Shenk

Medium: Watercolor

Description:  Vibrant watercolor celebrating the beauty and mystery of the Everyday

Ever since I was a child growing up in Georgia, I have enjoyed finding art and beauty in the Everyday – in people, places and objects usually regarded as commonplace or imperfect. I found it in my grandmother’s gardens, Sunday church dresses, our food and the old toys my grandmother saved for me when I came to visit. After working several years as an attorney, I rediscovered my passion for creating. I create with watercolor, using my photographs, imagination and memory as inspiration. I am still learning and discovering new aspects of this magical medium. When I paint, my mission is to capture as much color and feeling from the subject as possible. I paint anything from a dark, rich rain cloud to a rusted and broken farm tractor to juicy, luxurious oranges. Although everyday and ordinary, I find these things to be beautiful and fascinating. All of us live our lives in the Everyday. I paint in order to celebrate and amplify the small, everyday moments of our lives.

Tour Location: ArtSpace 3rd Floor



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