Artist Profile

Julie Chen and Community Connections

Medium: Documentary Photography

Description:  Documentary Photography. An inside look of Northeast Hartford's decaying Swift Factory, soon to be revived.

Artist Julie Chen exhibits the beauty in the decay of the Swift Factory. In its heyday, the factory was once the economic engine of Northeast Hartford. The 65,000 square-foot Swift gold leafing factory gilded the Connecticut State Capitol dome and housed many Connecticut-born innovations in metals. Now, intricate textures blossom in its crumbling spaces. This long-vacant factory is a grim reminder of the city’s fleeting industrial glory days. However, the Swift Factory will soon be undergoing a transformation; not into trendy residential lofts, but into a new socially responsible complex. The North Hartford Partnership and Community Solutions are aiming to repurpose the complex as a community health center and food jobs creator. Come see the Swift Factory as it is now, and learn more about what it will become! This is a new project in development. These are only sample photos. I will provide final images as they become available.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway


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