Artist Profile

Chris Freund

Medium: Photography

Description:  Handmade tableaux built for the camera & lit with a flashlight

I build tableaux with cheap materials and intend to have their rough particularities visible to the viewer. My project "Incompleteness" consists of both fully realized tableaux lit with a flashlight for long exposures, with an emphasis on the direction and source of light, as well as smaller, simpler, more energetic builds either containing some elements from the larger images as well as references to techniques used in constructing said images. The idea behind Incompleteness is derived from Gödel's incompleteness theorem: that any sufficiently complex logical system cannot be both consistent and complete, and to prove its consistency an outside system has to comment on it. I see the forms as compressed through the camera's single eye as the system, and the light as an outside force that renders their details, hence the emphasis on light source.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway



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