Artist Profile

MDRobertson Photo Arts

Medium: Photography

Description:  Beautiful, intimate photographs of musicians and glorious nature.

My name is Maurice D. Robertson and I am a photographer of music, dance and the world of nature. I have been avidly shooting those subjects since I acquired a 35 mm camera in 1983. Working with light, as an intimate partner in this artistic voyage, has increased my sensitivity and awareness of the constant unfoldment of life and its myriad plots and directions. Indeed a soulful , stirring rapport awaits and supports all of us and I am truly blessed that its become my path, to look further into performance and nature in an attempt to reveal some of the essence to my peers. In the last seven years, I have augmented my vision with the use of digital cameras and its become a serious boon to my photo excursions. Thanks for viewing my photo art. I trust it will stir and stimulate your senses to seek out more of the magic of the performing arts and the world of nature that we are interconnected with.

Tour Location: 69 Myrtle Street Apt C2


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