Artist Profile

Grace Epstein

Medium: Ceramics

Description:  Functional ceramics imprinted with print blocks, lace and lidded pots with twisted stems

Description: Functional ceramics imprinted with print blocks and lace. Lidded pots topped with twisted stems. Artist’s Statement Clay is a wonderful way to explore textural techniques while maintaining the visual and tactile character of the clay. Color of both the ceramic stains and the natural fired clay color can enhance each other. I also garden which is also a multi sensory experience as is working in clay; feeling the dirt, the form of the tomato, or seeing the twisting vine stems as they curl around another plant. The natural state of what I grow even long after the harvest changes so much. The sunflower stems losses moisture and hardens into wooden poles. Pumpkins stems and tendrils also lose moisture but maintain their elegant woody forms. I bring these observations into my ceramics. Lidded pots are topped with figurative dried pumpkin stems and vines. Each pot and stem compliment each other in color and form. Printmaking is also an art form I find interesting. Using lino print blocks on clay enables me to incorporate the drawn image and texture into my ceramic work. Once printed into the clay using mason stains and underglazes I can become the painter I also enjoy being. In summary clay enables me to merge many of my interests; painting, drawing and gardening. Email:

Tour Location: Connecticut Historical Society


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