Artist Profile

Tom Ouellette Photography and Design

Medium: Digital photography

Description:  Matted prints, note cards and gifts featuring scenic and nature photography

Photography has been the central purpose of my travels, whether short or long, near or far. My photos chronicling those journeys depict the artistic character of the landscapes I see. I am a biologist by training and a birder, and my photographs reflect my interest in and understanding of our natural environment. I am intrigued by barns and other structural artifacts of society, images of which open windows into both our past and our future. In addition to marketing prints of my photographs, I use the images I have captured to create products that educate and enlighten the viewer about my interests, including greeting cards, calendars, bookmarks and interpretive signs. It is my passion to explore through the lens the broader landscape – both natural and man-made – and the essential elements within it. It is my pleasure to share my pictorial views of the world around us. Artist Biography I am originally from western Massachusetts and currently reside in Connecticut. I began taking photographs as a child. My post-secondary education and professional career were in zoology, marine science and coastal resource management, and those disciplines have informed my photography. I have taken field, classroom and online workshops in landscape photography and digital photo techniques, and have some experience with black-and-white darkroom processing. I have used Konica film cameras and presently use Canon digital equipment. Travels associated with my educational and professional activities, as well as recreational excursions, have afforded opportunities to pursue my interests in landscape and wildlife photography. I am now retired. I sell my photographs at craft fairs and farmer’s markets, and as a member of an artist’s cooperative.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway



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