Artist Profile

Carol E. Bower Photo-Graphics

Medium: Photography

Description:  Framed miniature images of Cape Cod, shore & wetlands birds, and other wildlife

Carol is a native of Connecticut. She studied fine art and art history at Centenary College and Simmons College, where she earned degrees in liberal arts and biology. A former research scientist, teacher, public aquarium curator, writer, editor, and public health planner, Carol now applies her analytical skills and eye for detail to her life-long passion-- photography-- concentrating on images of Cape Cod and other coastal areas, inland New England, shore and wetlands birds, and other wildlife. Carol's images "...reach into your memories and grab at your emotions. Those special little intimate moments...create a footnote to our visits of those memories, and help make them real once again." Photo-Graphics Miniatures are sold at select galleries on Cape Cod and in Connecticut.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway


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