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Description:  Hand done Original ART, printed in durable ink Mounted on CANVAS

My ARTISTIC VIBE has been running strong for SEVEN YEARS since my life saving LIVER TRANSPLANT. Post surgery recovery was a FIVE YEAR STRETCH. My Son bought me an iPad and developed a program where I could PAINT, DRAW and CREATE all on my iPad while laying in bed or sitting in a chair. Which I was required to do for 24 months. Since my ART work has become popular and I live everyday because someone DONATED their organs that helped me survive, I now donate a portion of every painting to ALF, the American Liver Foundation. I'm paying it forward since my life was saved, while creating realistic portraits that make my Customers Happy. And then donating my time and my proceeds for every Portrait sold. It's is a happy circles of giving. Gregory Cariglia BFA All ART is signed and numbered. Every piece is done by hand and printed in Quality Durable 200 -500 year lasting INK. I take Custom Requests and Love Painting People Horses Pets Barns and Landscapes. Leave me your photos I'll extrapolate from the photos and PAINT A BEAUTIFUL PERSONAL RENDITION or I will take the Photo and use my Photograph of your loved item and Create a Masterpiece for you! ALL IN 30 DAYS OR LESS. [Some paintings may take longer depending upon the subject(s)]

Tour Location: ArtSpace 1st Floor

Phone: (860) 456-0713

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