Artist Profile

Smiling Fish Designs

Medium: Sculpted Stoneware, Felted Woolies and Fine Photo

Description:  Stonewear, woolies and photos focusing on the whimsical side of life

"I am willing to believe something else is possible" Smiling Fish Designs LLC was founded in 2009 as a business promoting the creative work of Kassie Huhtanen with a mission to offer unique handcrafted elements to independent boutiques, galleries and individuals. The majority of work utilizes sculpted stoneware, however other offerings may include different mediums such as wood, metal, salvaged goods and digital photography.  Kassie's creative process has been greatly influenced by a variety of experiences including an eclectic mix of travel treks.  Note that all completed work is original and signed or certified for authenticity.  The exception is digital images that are signed or authenticated and are duplicates.

Tour Location: Windsor Art Center Studios, 35 Central Street, Windsor



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