Artist Profile

pamela VITALE / akaXYEYE

Medium: Video art

Description:  Exposing lightness of being in the darkness of our reality

Abstracted figurative, color chemistry and emotive movement are the major facets of my creative process. As a child, I wanted to be a Renaissance women - trained as a dancer, musician, and artist I endeavored to learn by experience seeing the media as a process. I was born to continuously seek a life as a creative immersive being with constant creating, learning, disruption, and experimenting. Now, as an adult, I’m working on encompassing those experiences into a global creative viewpoint and bringing it to life in a complex abstract table of tactile emotional visual experiences. Water, the human body, color, motion design, sculpture, sound design, photography and video art play a key role in my artistic production. By using video like a moving painting that integrates layering, graphics shadowing and texture, I voyage into the brightness or the deepest sometimes-darkest ideas of the primordial & emotional mind. In this video installation “Gestation - BreakDownBreakOut” - I seek to challenge the boundaries of “body” the purely physical elements of flesh, DNA, memories, science & matter and the “soul” the spiritual self and the history behind it. I test these ideas through the use of performances, situations, devices, figures and artificial shapes to emulate nature in an otherworldly way. Anthropology and Sci Fiction are key inspirations in my work.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway



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