Artist Profile

pamela VITALE

Medium: Video art

Description:  Experiencing my view and reality from your perspective

Abstracted figurative, color chemistry and emotive movement are the major facets of my creative process. As a child I wanted to be a Renaissance women - trained as a dancer, musician and artist I endeavored to learn by experience seeing the media as a process. I was born to continuously seek a life as a creative immersive being with constant creation and experimenting. Now, as an adult, I’m working on encompassing those experiences into a global creative viewpoint and bringing it to life in a complex abstract table of tactile emotional visual experiences. Fine art, motion design, sculpture, sound design, photography and video art play a key role in my artistic production. By using video like a moving painting that integrates layering, graphics shadowing and texture, I voyage into the brightness or the deepest sometimes-darkest ideas of the mind. In the triptych video installation “incubate, immersive and reflection” - I seek to challenge the boundaries of “body” the purely physical elements of science & matter and the “soul” the spiritual self and the history behind it. I test these ideas through the use of performances, situations, devices, figures and artificial shapes to emulate nature in a futuristic way. Anthropology and history are key inspirations in my work and so are the study of nature as a whole, the human body, DNA, quantum physics and shamanism.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway



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