Artist Profile

Katherine Emely Gomez

Medium: Digital Photography

Description:  Exploring the connection of space, reality and time through digital photography

Katherine Emely Gómez's is a NY/CT based artist with a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the City University of New York at Lehman College. Her digital photography focuses on her personal life experiences from a fictional imagined vantage point. Gomez's photography seeks to find ways to make the invisible visible, transcending time by playing with memories and images from her past and present in order to come to a conclusion about how her future will look. Kindred Spirit is a new series of artworks focusing on Gómez's experience of the recent loss of her identical twin sister, Emely Gómez, who passed away four years ago. This has taken her artwork and life in a completely new direction. As an identical twin, her image has come to represent three entities: her sister, her twin hood, and herself. These artworks relate to intuitive thought, emptiness and cognitive awareness: the feeling that time has stopped, or of an alternate dream-like universe. Gomez's artworks was recently exhibited at the Riverfront Art Gallery in Yonkers, NY, Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado, a Solo Show with chashama Gallery in Harlem, NY and The Gateway Project in Newark, New Jersey, Penn Station. Her story and artworks were broadcasted at NY1 Noticias, News12 and written in El Diario Newspaper and Harlem News Group.

Tour Location: ArtSpace 3rd Floor #307



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