Artist Profile

Martha Dawkins

Medium: Mixed

Description:  Very diversified in many mediums

I was probably born with a pencil in my hand. (Smile) My love of art was evident at an early age. I was drawing on anything I could find including inside the family’s bedroom closets. I created angels from nature - sticks, leaves and acorns. I am a mixed-media artist, using cloth, (dolls, puppets), paper, painting (especially face painting), acrylics, gelato, porcelain paints, cardboard and metal (up-cycling), dishes (decorative), and more. My passion is with pen, various types of ink and lots of bright colors. I am currently retired, and spend my days gaining inspiration from my family, friends, and others to create bits and pieces of visual or written art. I am currently creating mosaics with fellow artist Nancy Talbot.

Tour Location: Arbor Arts Center 3rd Floor #316


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