Artist Profile

Sandy Welch Art

Medium: Painting

Description:  Paintings that POP with provocative color and flirtatious style!

I use vibrant palettes of vivid hues. My work embodies a fresh, feminine, and passionate perspective. Whatever I do , I do it colorfully. It could be a pose of a fashionista, a lively beach scene or a coquettish shoe. Along with a representational approach, my Push has been toward abstraction and non-figurative renderings signaling and evolving signature style; the themes and provocative palette have remained constant, but I have embraced a new manner of expressing them. With energetic mark makings and gestural flourishes of delight; I manage to keep my artistic voice fresh and full of enthusiasm and liveliness. Painting is my pulse and many of my paintings POP with provocative color and flirtatious style.

Tour Location: Arbor Arts Center 2nd Floor #218


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