Artist Profile

Cathy Doocy

Medium: Oil on paper and canvas, charcoals

Description:  Contemporary landscapes

Bio Painting and drawing has always been a part of my life. Though other interests and “jobs” have claimed my attention through the years, there has always been a place for art, a studio - the Fuller Brush factory, Colt Factory, the Mill in Tariffville. My current studio is in the old railroad station in Windsor. Figurative drawing and painting was my focus as a student at University of New Hampshire and at Creative Arts in New Haven. While completing my Masters at Wesleyan, I undertook a project that would force me to work from memory - night landscapes. I have been exhibiting contemporary landscapes throughout New England for over 20 years. I was a member of Artworks Gallery for many years and volunteered as a docent at the Wadsworth Atheneum for 18 years. I have been fortunate to combine one of my other loves, travel, with art on several occasions - a month of study in Normandy, France, a residency at Weir Farm National historic site and a 6 week residency in Bulgaria. However, my landscape imagery is all about the fields and hills of New England. I grew up in South Windsor and have lived in Windsor for 30 years with my husband Chuck Drake. Statement In my work, the representation of a “landscape” is not the final goal. Instead, I use the vernacular of landscape painting as a method for exploring composition and color; attempting to evoke the feeling of the landscape rather than documenting the landscape’s actual forms. Yet I marvel at how easily a line can transform itself into a tree, a simple stain of blue becomes sky, and wind is created with a brushstroke. If a work seems “unfinished”, it may be that I have chosen to stop just as the paint begins its magic. My work is about painting not landscape; about illusion not representation; about drawing not twigs and branches.

Tour Location: Windsor Art Center Studios, 35 Central Street, Windsor



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